Increasing demand for all-day schooling increases staffing needs

Increasing demand for all-day schooling increases staffing needs

The budget of 36,000 euros available for the all-day school in adelsdorf is far from sufficient. In order to meet the staffing requirements, an additional 9,000 euros per year is needed, explained gabriele monius, principal of the secondary school, during a visit by the committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education. Mayor karsten fischkal () made it clear that concessions were difficult, as this would arouse desires of other schools and kindergartens. For the planning of the next budget, therefore, a concept should first be created and presented. In the absence of a chamber, the budget was decided only in the first quarter of the coming year.

Headmistress monika grimm also sees staffing problems due to the large number of children attending the open all-day school. While only six groups were originally planned, there are now nine with a total of 130 children who are accommodated and cared for. The staff has already been increased, but it is not enough.

Gabriele monius revealed a problem of a special kind to the parish council in the secretary’s office. For some time now, the smell of decay has been spreading there, and it is almost unbearable. The blame for this could be mice or even rats, which died in the gable roof.

Karsten fischkal immediately recognized the explosive nature of this case and promised an immediate remedy. Sebastian berger, an employee in the technical building office, will be informed about the problem in a timely manner and will ensure that the employees in the secretary’s office are no longer exposed to these foul odors, the mayor assured.

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