The first 100 trees are planted

The first 100 trees are planted

A total of 2,000 climate-resistant tree seedlings are to be planted in the district by the end of 2021. With the project "county of habberge active in climate and environment protection" the district wants to make a contribution to nature in the region. The target group are schools, which are to be sensitized for the environmental and climate protection thought and motivated to sustainable behavior by forest-pedagogical guidance and planting.

The regiomontanus grammar school in habfurt was one of the first schools to plant over 100 young trees. On the wide strip of grass near the triple gymnasium, the stakeholders gathered. District administrator wilhelm schneider thanked the students of the P-seminar" -sparer" and other young people volunteering for the project. The eleventh and twelfth graders were immediately enthusiastic when their teacher michael schuster presented the project. The school administration, headed by principal maria eirich, also supported the planting campaign.

District garden consultants guntram ulsamer and johannes bayer planned and implemented the project together with the district office. They were actively supported in this by the district’s grounds maintenance company. "We plant native trees as well as trees from the mediterranean region", said ulsamer. In addition to elsbeere, field maple and wild cherry, marone and mulberry, for example, are among the preferred varieties. Additional 120 shrubs will also be planted at the habfurt high school, mainly buckthorn and chokecherries.

With a donation of 7500 euros, the sparkasse schweinfurt-habberge supports the project. Chairman of the board peter schleich presented a check and emphasized the importance of the campaign. "We like to call for initiatives that help people in our region to do well."

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