Uwe held (csu) wants to become mayor of lichtenfels

Uwe Held (csu) wants to become mayor of lichtenfels

Uwe held was nominated as CSU mayoral candidate on thursday with only one opposing vote. CSU city association chairman ronald kaiser proposed uwe held as a candidate, this proposal was endorsed by robert gack as the most senior CSU city councilor. He promised held the full support of the parliamentary group. Philipp molendo assured the support of the young burghers as their parliamentary group chairman.

Held summarized his goals as a candidate for mayor in five building blocks, also mentioning his diverse professional activities and qualifications. The 51-year-old native of lichtenfels is married and has a 21-year-old daughter with his wife barbara.

He has completed three apprenticeships in his life as a cook, a businessman and a sales manager. During his eight years in the army, he was deployed as a catering group leader and subsequently worked for the tengelmann group of companies as a branch manager, district sales manager and project manager. Finally, he worked as a manager of a company for machines, store fittings and raw materials for ice cream cafes and ice cream parlors.

And so the circle is closed . The connection to ice cream led him to open an ice cream cafe in his hometown of lichtenfels in 2010. For him, it was a heartfelt decision, as he could now spend more time with his parents again.

Spanning generations from children, parents and grandparents to close friends, the family was one of five building blocks he considered important in his concept for a prosperous lichtenfels. Held "wanted to do justice to all generations", whether it’s about affordable housing in terms of building sites, social housing, senior-friendly and barrier-free living or attractive rental housing. It is also important to have kindergarten places close to home and clean playgrounds with a variety of age-appropriate play facilities.

Even though much has already been done, heldr would like to create more offers, provide more services and designate more areas: "for me, the living space for a family is not only at home, not only in care, but in many places of life; therefore, for me, all areas of the family are a very important building block for the prosperity of our city."

The well-being of families is also closely linked to economic stability, which is why held singled out the economy as the second important building block. Jobs, along with infrastructure improvements, are a basic prerequisite for the settlement of families and businesses. The stay of families. Despite the current good situation, more needs to be done for start-ups, new businesses, and existing businesses and trades. The economic development of the city must have top priority. You also have to actively deal with demographic change.

As a former chairman of an ice curling club, he knows how important clubs are for all citizens, but especially for children and young people, which is why this is his third building block the volunteer-run clubs are an integral part of society as a link between the individual people. Here, it is important to support voluntary work as much as possible, especially in youth work, and also to demand cooperation among the associations.

As a sociable type, he attaches great importance to high quality of life as a fourth building block. His goal was therefore to ensure that the people of lichtenfels felt at home in their home region,. Hiking trails, bicycle paths, opnv and good recreational opportunities are part of a desirable quality of life.

Finally, uwe held emphasized that he joined the CSU in 2011 because he wanted to help shape his hometown. In 2018, he said, he had decided to take on more responsibility and run for mayor as a CSU candidate.

He therefore asked for the trust of the members present. He asked the people to help build a successful lichtenfels, and the nomination visitors were able to write down their suggestions on small bricks right away.

District administrator christian meibner congratulated held in his function as CSU district chairman on the excellent election result. It takes courage and a strong personality to run against an incumbent mayor. He endorsed both characteristics of held. The CSU had been "plucked in the last election". The party had learned its lessons from this and wanted to win back lost terrain with a strong, jointly led election campaign.

Member of the bundestag and CSU city councillor emmi zeulner stressed that it was a concern of the CSU to offer an alternative with its own mayoral candidate.

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