Plans for new airfield near coburg are finally off the table

Plans for new airfield near coburg are finally off the table

The announcement comes as no surprise, but opponents of a new airfield near meeder in particular had been eagerly awaiting it to be finally certain: the northern bavaria air office has issued its decision and suspended the planning approval process for the new construction of the coburg commercial airfield.

"Now we can finally rejoice with all our hearts, the new building is off the table", on wednesday, richard mergner, regional chairman of the nature conservation alliance, commented on the announcement. Further explained mergner: now finally can be cheered from the bottom of the heart. The end of the new building was already in sight for a long time, but we have already celebrated – not least in this dispute – and then had to realize that with dodges and tricks the old planning was resurrected. But with the suspension of proceedings we now have it officially and now it is also irreversible. The new building is off the table, a hundred hectares of agricultural land have been saved, the citizens of wiesenfeld and neida will continue to be safe from air raids, the callenberg forest will not be cleared, the hugelkette will not be leveled, red kite, black stork and cassowary will retain their breeding and feeding areas

Also dagmar escher, spokeswoman of the alliance "citizens for their region – against the new airfield" was relieved on wednesday: "we are very happy about this last act." For 15 years, people in eight citizens’ initiatives had fought for this goal. Escher also announces a "great festival of joy" to. Presumably, however, this will only happen in the "warm season" will take place.

Tom konopka, regional representative of the BN, is quoted in a press release as follows: "we thank every single person who was present at rallies, preparation and execution of events, in countless meetings, who thought, helped and supported us. Success is a mosaic. Every stone, whether coarse or small, paid off. We would especially like to thank those who, although no longer involved themselves since the 2007 regional planning procedure, stood in solidarity with the citizens of wiesenfeld, neida and beiersdorf and cooperated for another twelve years."

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