“Saugeil”, this oberleiterbach!

And suddenly the whole village is singing along with the evaluation committee: joseph victor von scheffel’s "wohlauf die luft", affectionately also frankenhymne" the topics are varied, for example the food scandals of the past decades, which are also known in landshut, and so the jurors of the state competition "unser dorf hat zukunft" ("our village has a future") are impressed it’s not hard to sing along enthusiastically even without the lyrics. On this friday morning, the team around horticultural association chairman harald hummer had two hours to show the experts from various fields the plus points of their village.

Radiant guests

While singing together in front of the church, half the time has passed – and the latterbochers have already made their guests shine. "This place is bursting with energy, especially bioenergy", in his opening remarks, district administrator johann kalb told the commission members that the town is a beacon of light that shines far beyond the district of bamberg. Zapfendorf’s mayor volker dittrich praises the "immense personal contribution of the citizens" out.

The people of oberleiterbach already scored their first plus points when the bus drove into the village: "upper franconia’s golden village it says, the awards are clearly visible on a poster wall. And so the bar is set very high for the jurors who select the most promising villages in bavaria. You will learn about the 2.5-kilometer-long local heating network that the citizens of burgenland have created as an energy cooperative, about a recently installed electricity filling station, walk past ornamental gardens and farmer’s gardens as well as wild (orchard) meadows into the historic heart with its lovingly maintained half-timbered houses and the church of st. Laurence, which was renovated last year with a great deal of commitment from the burgenland.

They appreciate the progress made in the course of the ongoing village renewal project, praise the spacious playground that the people of oberleiterbach have put together themselves in 800 volunteer hours, see the green cemetery and learn about the historical village tour with QR code that is unique in bavaria, a unique combination of history and modern media in which latterbocher invested another 1,000 hours for god’s sake.

Monch ivo and the reaper

When the children’s choir also sings and monch "ivo hennemann" he tells us about his life before the beautiful reaper strolling by turns his head, the happiness is perfect. "That was really super prepared", says at the end impressed with "latterbocher leberkas" strengthened gunter knuppel, the chairman of the state evaluation commission.

Juror jakob oberpriller particularly praises the energy concept and the committed burghers. "The development comes from the middle of the burger", he says. "I can really agree with the village motto ‘where the future is already today." Juror wolfram vaitl, president of the bavarian state association, even goes into the black: "oberleiterbach is a village that has convinced insanely – and that is, as the saying goes, awesome!"

Thomas lauer of the bavarian chamber of architects was particularly struck by the many half-timbered houses and sandstone buildings that are oberleiterbach’s main assets. And bernd carl? The landscape architect has already been in oberleiterbach last year as part of the district commission and has ruthlessly pointed out some weak points. On friday he takes off his hat, literally. "The demands in terms of ecology are very golden here, that goes already in the direction of platinum."

He gleefully announces that he has just seen a harrier, a ninth-deader and a red kite in the oberleiterbach meadows. And at the biotope traces of the beaver. "Beforehand, the competition is rough. I tell you: do not be afraid!"

A final wave

When the commission members get back on the bus, some of them are in each other’s arms with the people from oberleiterbach, taking souvenir photos. Together they sing the oberfrankenlied, then a final wave – from the bus and in front of the bus. It’s like saying goodbye to friends. Or better: a hope for a reunion.

Sitzmann commits himself

On monday, 25. June, the people of oberleiterbach will know whether it was enough for gold at the bavarian level. District president a. D. Edgar sitzmann has already made up his mind on this day of the commission’s visit: "i, at 83.5 years old, am sure: there will be a celebration on monday in eight days’ time, and i’ll make up my mind then! For the spirit that reigns in oberleiterbach is unique!"

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