Two home opportunities for the vce

Two home opportunities for the vce

The oshino volleys of the VC eltmann are challenged twice this weekend. In the battle for the championship in the 2. Volleyball league sud await you on saturday (19.30 o’clock) the TSV unterhaching II in the georg-schafer-hall, and on sunday (16 o’clock) the team of the volleyball-boarding-school frankfurt is guest at the last year’s champion.

Unterhaching lost last

Eltmann’s manager rolf werner summed up after the first leg in unterhaching at the start of the season: "actually, i thought we could avoid the tiebreak after leading so clearly in the middle part of the fourth set." But it was exciting once again, and at the time it was a battle victory, because unterhaching fought back to the very last. Now the hachinger guest on saturday in eltmann and come with a 0:3 (19:25, 21:25, 15:25) – defeat against schwaig in the pack to unterfranken.
The oshino volleys have regained their self-confidence after a hard-fought victory in delitzsch, and veteran chris nowak was able to return on saturday. The fans, not only the red baron fan club, hope for a fighting attitude from the entire team.
This will probably also be in demand on sunday, when the talents of the frankfurt boarding school are guests in eltmann at 4 p.M. The young frankfurter of trainer matus kalny are to be estimated stronger than those from friedrichshafen. They’ve already won a few and are currently the tiebreaker contenders in 2. Liga sud with six funf set games.
The guests have players with them who can have a real say in the men’s game. They have beaten mainz and leipzig, and if their opponents do not manage to put pressure on their play, they will not be so easily shaken off.
But of course the eltmanners, who beat the frankfurters 3:1 in the season opener, are favorites in both games. Fans, sponsors and the board expect two committed games from the reigning champions and two home victories, which are also necessary to stay on the ball in the fight to win the title again.
VC eltmann: richter, kessel, nowak, engel, peta, kolbe, kruger, kellermann, schmitt, nurnberger, spath, werner, bibrack rome

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