25 Years of service for those with a thirst for education

25 years of service for those with a thirst for education

Chairwoman angela hofmann praised lily zimmermann, who as a contact person on site brought the very important educational offers of the VHS closer to the interested people. For this honorary commitment she owes her thanks. She has contributed to the fact that the VHS, with 15 offices in the district of kronach, is very well positioned and can offer a good, broadly diversified educational program.
Lily zimmermann said of her service as a room leader that she had enjoyed it very much. Through gerlinde lenz she had come to the VHS and had taken over the position of market roof. "I have not only organized courses and created them for interested people, but I have also taken on new course leaders who have enthusiastically held their courses." This is how she remembers heidi beyerle, who still holds autogenic training classes today. Or since 1989, christel hofmann has been offering courses in creative subjects, such as lace-making or patchwork, which have attracted participants even from other federal states. "The introduction of courses in spinal gymnastics by evelyn draheim as well as courses in autogenic training, quigong and relaxation stress management by the couple elke and gottfried strohlein show the variety of offers and i am grateful for the expert lecturers we have been able to attract. In this area, a lot is done through personal contacts. The job as head of the office has been very enjoyable and I have met a lot of nice people", she says with a smile and adds: "i will remain loyal to the VHS and continue to work on integration courses for migrants. To my successor as head of the office in marktrodach, tanja hammer, I extend my best wishes." And lily zimmermann can recommend the courses of the VHS to everyone: "you learn a lot and the advantage is that you can pick and choose what you would like to do or learn, what you think you are suited to or have an inclination and preference for."