34-Year-old woman dies in knife attack – partner in custody

34-year-old woman dies in knife attack - partner in custody

"I've already seen from afar that I can't help there anymore", says the neighbor whose apartment is directly below that of a young family. On thursday in the early morning hours it ceased to exist in its previous form.
The 34-year-old mother of two children lies bloodied in the garage next to the house. Your 38-year-old life-threatener waits in the car right next to it until the police arrive, according to the neighbor. "He allowed himself to be arrested without resistance", says beate weib, police press officer.

The exact cause of death is now to be determined by an autopsy. Criminal investigators are on the scene in white and yellow coveralls, documenting every detail of the crime. They put on their rubber gloves, take pictures of the scene, and pack apparent trifles into totes.

The suspected perpetrator is being questioned by the police. Ursula haderlein, the senior public prosecutor in charge of the case, was on the scene herself and may, if necessary, apply for a detention order after the trial. A judge then decides whether the 38-year-old must be remanded in custody.

"There was probably a separation of the couple in the air", says press spokeswoman weib. The neighbor doesn't want to hear anything about the four years he and his family lived under the same roof. Not in the past months, not even on thursdayfriday.

After he had taken one of his children to school, the brother of the 38-year-old suspect had called him and asked him to quickly check up on him. With the telephone in the hand and the voice of the police at the ear he is then about 8.10 o'clock run to the garage. "Police found the woman dead in the garage", says the press officer. It assumes violence.

In the house at the end of the village, the parents of the young mother also lived in their own apartment. It's quiet all around, literally dead quiet. The loud crying of the fans breaks the silence. Thick raindrops fall sporadically. Even the sky cries.