4 Kindle e-books publishing secrets

Publishing e-books through Amazon Kindle is not as difficult as we think thanks to the facilities of Amazon Inc. There are great chances for anyone with a little education to be an author. EBooks sales begin in a few days and not months by knowing the secrets of publishing e-books on Amazon Kindle. 

Here are 4 important secrets about starting e-books publishing on Amazon Kindle:

1) The first Kindle e-books publishing secret is a fewer number of pages are sufficient to sell a kindle e-book

Writing a kindle e-book doesn’t require hundreds of pages and the e-book is not restricted to a certain minimum of pages. Some people think that the digital e-book world is like the world of the old physical book publishing but it is not true.

There are no restrictions or limits in the world of the Internet business thanks to the digital facilities. Amazon provides writers and publishers with the factors of successful e-book selling on its kindle.

People will still buy a kindle e-book regardless of the number of its pages because the restriction does not exist any longer. Nowadays people are interested in the information that offers them the solution to their problems.

 The number of pages does not matter to the buyers of e-books because they look for the better for them not the great number. A lot of readers may bypass the huge book that cannot give them the needed information. Thus, you can write a short Kindle e-book of only 4-10 pages offering the required information and publish it on Amazon.   

2) The page in the Microsoft Word Document is larger than the page in Amazon Kindle e-books

There is a difference in size between the MS Word Doc and the Kindle reader. The pages on Amazon Kindle Reader appear smaller than the pages of MS Word Docs so they will be much more than the original file.

For example, when you write a book of 15 pages and upload it to Amazon the converted Kindle eBook will appear as 20-23 pages in the Kindle Store.

3) Use your blog or your past write articles to make up a Kindle e-book

You can organize some of your past write-ups, articles, or your blog in a logical manner creating a Kindle e-book?

That’s true! Your previously written articles are good materials that can be the needed and valuable content for your e-book. You can organize a series of these articles on the niche you like and title it suitably as a kindle e-book.

You can stretch the articles and add a few images (if necessary) to your e-book then publish the e-book on Amazon. Don’t load your e-book with many images in order not to be changed by Amazon. They see it increases their delivery cost.    

4) The last Kindle e-books publishing secret is that Amazon approves publishing any manuscript of any length within hours

Many publishing companies, unfortunately, reject more articles but with Amazon, anybody easily can be a publisher. Amazon is the pioneer of the digital publishing business. It allows you to publish your works within hours and provides content that is original.

My friend told me that the Kindle approved his e-books and placed them in the stores just in under 10 hours. And some of his e-books had made sales within a few days later. We didn’t hear of it anymore as there was no Kindle or any of the other readers.

You can prepare and submit your manuscript either as a Word document or as a PDF. Amazon does not force certain formatting or conversion for your e-books and they can handle any technical stuff for you.

Note that:

After finishing your manuscript, uploading, and publishing Amazon will process and approve it. This is a simple and easy step-by-step process that you can follow and submit your manuscript for processing and approval by Amazon. The publishers of Kindle e-books can get approval from Amazon within 24 hours.

Through this article, we see that Kindle publishing is not as difficult as we think more times. Anyone can get profits from Kindle publishing as a good Internet business from the comfort of his own home.

 Selling Kindle e-books is more flexible because you can author any e-book without doing the writing. I’m not kidding; actually, you can get a short-written e-book by freelancers for a small amount of money. The cost of writing a short kindle e-book by a specialist freelancer does not exceed 40 dollars. Remember you will gain hundreds from it.

 After getting the kindle e-book from the freelancer you’ll be able to publish it under your name and make money. In fact, many authors today are doing exactly this strategy of selling Kindle e-books on Amazon. Being an author and publisher on Amazon is not impossible just take it seriously.    

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