9 Powerful Ways For Promoting And Making Your Blog Visible

To get good traction for your blog content, you need to spend at least 40% of your time on advertising. And your content must be good or your efforts will fail. Promoting and making your blog visible is not difficult.

Without constant traffic to your blog, there are few ways to excite your audience and turn them into enthusiastic fans. If you share your posts in different ways on different social media platforms, you can interact with different audiences.

Social media marketing is easy. Create valuable content, and then share it with as many people as possible. If you get it right, people will share your content and they will travel the world. And if you’re lucky, it will go viral and translate into millions of likes and shares.

Here are 9 effective ways to promote your blog and get it visible:

1- Promoting and making your blog visible needs sharing useful content

If you want to expand your reach, you need to write and share great blog posts, tips, and tricks that will add value to your audience.

If you are writing content to help your audience solves a problem, or if you are creating content that is useful to their daily life, the more likely they will subscribe to your blog, follow you, and post with their subscribers and fans Splits.

Social profiles and successful blogs share valuable content with their readers. When you publish content, never forget to be consistent. You can’t write or share one day and go away for months. You need to be consistent so that readers can remember you and visit your social media platforms for new updates.

2 -Promoting your blog by running competitions to be visible on social networks

Social media contests are a great way to reward loyal fans, subscribers, and readers who have been reading your posts for a while. You can also use competitions to expand your reach on social media.

In addition, you can use social media contests to motivate new readers to share or follow you. It’s a quick and easy way to expand your reach as people share fun and exciting contests and challenges on their social profiles, giving you free advertising and more exposure on your blog.

3- Learn how to maximize your marketing

Every social platform offers various methods to maximize marketing. Every platform has its strengths and features, and the biggest mistake people make is posting the same post on every social media platform. This is a big mistake as every social platform is optimized differently

For example, on Twitter, people use hashtags to increase their reach, but hashtags are of little use when posting on Facebook. On Facebook, images are a great way to grab people’s attention and expand their reach.

But most marketers ignore this and post tweets with hashtags and link them to their Facebook status. It doesn’t work because they are posting the least effective type of content on Facebook.

4 – Publication and sharing on social networks

Be active on social media and actively share your post with relevant groups. After you’ve published your article, share it on your Facebook wall. Also, share it in relevant groups that talk about similar topics. For example, on Twitter, you can schedule tweets from your last post to tweet for at least five days. And don’t forget to change the title every time you publish a post so that your post gets more exposure.

5- Guest contribution

It’s the best strategic way to promote your blog to the large online population. You can post as a guest to get readers to flock to your blog.

Guest posts help you market your blog and send external links from these websites. The more links your page receives, the better it will be placed in the various search engines.

The better your blog is ranked in the search engines, the more traffic you will get and this will ultimately market your blog to different people online.

6- Create a mailing list

Who will buy your products and eBooks? These are the people on your mailing list. These are the people who most often comment and share your blog posts. The people on your email list trust you enough to take the time to promote your blog and tell others about it.

So, if you haven’t created a mailing list yet, start now. Building a mailing list is one of the best ways to market your blog because most of the social shares you will get come from mailing lists.

7 – Comment on other blogs

Comments on authoritative blogs can generate a lot of traffic. Start by identifying the best blogs in your niche, then interact and comment on those blogs regularly. This will make the blogger and community members aware of you and visit your blog, which will generate more traffic to your blog. You can even get a link or invite them to post a guest post.

8 – Add your blog to bookmark sites for promoting and making your blog visible

These websites can be driving massive traffic to your blog in no time when your blog post is displayed on their platform. If you have a great article posting, try signing up on some of these platforms (e.g. StumbleUpon / Mix, Reddit, and Digg) and sharing your posts to get bookmark traffic.

9 – Writing blog posts that readers want to read

If your blog doesn’t have anything worth reading or sharing, you’ll never be able to build an audience, get traffic, or maximize your ROI.

It is not that easy to write a few hundred words, post, and wait for traffic and shares. Not all blog posts you write will sound with your readers.

But no worry about how to create blog posts that your target audience can’t resist reading and sharing.

A) Nail your content types and topics

One of the easiest ways to create content that readers will want to immerse themselves in is to tweak the type and theme of the content you author. If you’re not sure what will resonate with your target audience, search social media to see which headings and content formats work well. And then incorporate some of these tactics into your content strategy.

B) Ask your readers

You can’t always know what type of content is getting the most response. How do you know what your subscribers want to read on your blog? Ask specific questions to discover what people are searching for. Respond to positive and negative comments and discover the topics that matter to your prospects and readers.

C) Determine the aim of every blog post

Before creating any content, you need to have a plan for its purpose. Would you like to start a conversation? Do you offer information on new products? Should they include a call to action?

By focusing on a specific goal of each element, you are more likely to deliver valuable content to your audience. Create content that is of value to your audience and that delves deep into your content. They’ll even share your content, which will ultimately draw more attention to your blog.

D) Promoted and visible blog requires creating SEO optimized content

Before publishing an article, think about the keywords that relate to the topic of the article. Always include these sentences in the title, the introductory paragraph and towards the end of the blog post.

Do you have a small business? Then make your search terms more specific to increase competition on search engine results pages. Also, adding your location on blog posts is an effective way to improve your ranking for specific search terms.

If you want to optimize your blog posts to get more readers, you need to be flexible and determined to deliver relevant and valuable content to your readers. In addition to being responsive to your audience, you also need to provide search engines with the right data so readers can find your content.

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