A requiem for rosa sophie zu guttenberg

A requiem for rosa sophie zu guttenberg

For days now, preparations have been underway for the requiem in honor of the 17-year-old's death. November deceased rosa sophie von und zu guttenberg, a born princess of arensberg, on high. The police should protect the celebrity guests. Security guards were hired to protect the family character of the funeral service. And, of course, numerous servants were on duty to check who should have access to the papal basilica.

The attendants with the blue tails and the classy white gloves kept looking through the list of names, because they didn't know all the guests who wanted to pay their last respects to the wife of the famous german politician, the mother of the conductor enoch zu guttenberg and the grandmother of the former defense minister karl-theodor zu guttenberg. The conductor's son, philipp franz zu guttenberg, distributed death pictures to the guests of honor. Karl-theodor zu guttenberg also traveled to the event with his family – as well as numerous other prominent nobles.

Enoch zu guttenberg wanted to escort his mother into the afterlife with music and actually wanted no hype at all, no reporting and no photographers. "My mother lived through death, she did not pass away", read out by karl-theodor zu guttenberg on behalf of his father. In the last hours of her life she remained fearless, brave and unbowed. She died full of confidence. "It was not a question of faith, but a certainty", according to karl-theodor zu guttenberg.

Everyone said goodbye in their own way
And although the children elisabeth, since 1965 wife of the CSU politician franz ludwig schenk graf von stauffenberg, conductor enoch, michaela, married to johannes freiherr heereman von zuydtwyck, and praxedis, married to albrecht freiherr von boeselager, experienced the death of their beloved mother very differently, they each said goodbye in their own way. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren also paid their last respects to rosa sophie zu guttenberg.

"I was the least able to cope with it", karl-theodor eloquently read out in the name of his father and many a person may have heard zu guttenberg's grief, even if it did not come from his own mouth, through the wording.

The famous conductor, who attended the funeral service with his wife ljubka and his two sons, had prepared his favorite music – excerpts from the christmas oratorio by johann sebastian bach – for his mother as a farewell gift.