A run on the hochstadter “female stuff

A run on the hochstadter 'female stuff

The clothes closets of hochstadts damenwelt are obviously jam-packed. How else can it be explained that the response to the first flea market was exclusively for “women”s stuff”? So unexpectedly rough turned out.

On friday, 23. February, from 5pm to 11pm this clothing flea market for women will take place at the fortuna kulturfabrik. "The response was overwhelming", says sabine brinkel from the city"s "arbeitskreis kultur" (working group for culture) (akku), where the idea for this clothing flea market was born.

A small team from akku organizes the event. Besides brinkel, babsi cremer, traudl schmerler, birgit neudorfer, bernd riehlein and elfriede schmerler are also participating. They now have 41 sales tables at their disposal. They are in the grob hall, the gallery and the youth center.

Shortly after the first article about this project appeared in the press, all the seats were gone. "The people were standing in front of the door and the phone is still ringing", reports sabine brinkel. In the meantime, there is already a waiting list of 26 other ladies who would like to participate in the flea market as vendors – but some don’t even want to be on the waiting list because the chances of getting a place are hopeless anyway. There were also many inquiries from the herzogenaurach area.

Brinkel could well imagine filling even the aischtalhalle with such an event in spring and fall. Whether the akku will take over this, however, remains to be seen.