Artistic couple kuhfuss exhibits

Artistic couple kuhfuss exhibits

The two artists use the exhibition spaces of the monastery in different ways, depending on their intentions and design intentions. Although you can now look back on several decades of artistic work, the exhibition is not a retrospective in the true sense of the word.

The title of the exhibition stands as a shorthand for"…It is done" – it is, among other things, a quote after martin luthers"…Finitum est". In addition, it was originally also the statement of the wine tasters of the roman pope on the journey from florence to rome to the question of whether an overnight stay was "good" – the wine was good!

In recent years, wiltrud kuhfuss has placed the human being and his or her state of mind at the center of her work. She shows corporeal forms that appear to have grown into pictorial spaces; contours that open up, and collages that, with transparency and traces of tape, refer to vulnerability, protection and vulnerability, even to perishability.

Constructed forms in abstract spaces

Wolfgang kuhfuss is quite different: he juxtaposes constructed forms with abstract spaces. The compositions were fragmentary and convoluted, with a dynamic inherent in the reduction. At the same time the paintings radiate a quiet and impressive effect – and the shapes shown have an emotional weight.

Whereas the paintings and installations certainly show the end product of the artists’ creative intention, the sketchbooks of the artistic couple also give an insight into the collection of ideas and the process of creation of the works of wiltrud and wolfgang kuhfuss.

The deputy district administrator of the rhon-grabfeld district, peter suckfull, will die on 7. February, 19.30 o’clock, buried at the vernissage. Afterwards, the art historian and artist harald knobling from kitzingen will give the introductory lecture. In addition to the art on display, the music at the vernissage offers another highlight: katrin triquart from the bavarian chamber orchestra in bad bruckenau improvises on the double bass to the works on display by the artists kuhfuss.

The exhibition is open until 26. April always open wednesday to sunday and holidays, from 1 to 5 p.M.