44 Hongkongers charged with ‘sedition’ – new protests

44 Hongkongers charged with 'sedition' - new protests

Charges against 44 anti-government demonstrators sparked new protests in hong kong. Despite heavy rain, dozens of protesters gathered outside a court wednesday morning where the accused were to be brought before the judge.

43 of the 44 protesters have been released on bail, according to a report in the hongkong newspaper south china morning post. Many of them were also banned from leaving the city at night. One of the accused protesters did not show up for the court hearing. The protesters were accused of rioting and participating in a "riot".

The 44 protesters scheduled to appear in court wednesday were part of a group of 49 like-minded people arrested sunday after rioting at an unauthorized mass protest. Police did not rule out the possibility of more indictments to follow.

Weak pc market puts the brakes on intel

Weak pc market puts the brakes on intel

Profits shrank by 14.3 percent to 2.97 billion dollars. In addition, with the imminent launch of the new microsoft operating system windows 8, intel ventured only a very cautious forecast for the current quarter.

Intel chief executive paul otellini explained the results as a result of a difficult economic environment, a reluctance to buy ahead of the launch of windows 8 and the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers. Production is to be trimmed in the final quarter, which will result in a write-down of around 500 million dollars, explained CFO stacy smith. "The caution throughout the supply chain is very rough. We can’t run our factories at full capacity," the head of intel germany, christian lamprechter, told dpa on wednesday.

Traditional chip manufacturers such as intel and its much smaller rival AMD are currently suffering from the weak PC market. Sales of notebooks and desktop computers plummeted by more than eight percent last quarter. Even the lightweight ultrabook laptops have not yet brought the hoped-for growth. At the same time, business is booming with smartphones and tablets, in which processors from intel and AMD are hardly ever used. The industry is hoping for the launch of the new microsoft operating system windows 8 at the end of october. Then more tablets with intel chips will also come to market. Intel is also making a new attempt to put its processors in smartphones.

District of forchheim: here you can marvel at the old craft of saddlers

district of forchheim: here you can marvel at the old craft of saddlers

A kummet is at best still known as a decoration on the garden house. The collar is a harness around the neck of the horse to be able to pull the wagon or work equipment. For saddlers, it was often the main occupation to make these – not saddle, as the job title suggests. "No one rode them. The horses were used as workhorses", tells reinhold geldner, chairman of the french-swiss association (FSV) hiltpoltstein. The comb is one of the treasures from the years after 1871, which can be found in the gatehouse in hiltpoltstein. The room in which the club members housed this treasure was the living room of. The saddler worked and tinkered in the annex of the gate. Downstairs was the stable, upstairs the workshop. However, it was only one of the saddleries in the village.

Very well equipped

"He had all the tools, he was a very well equipped saddler", female geldner. We are talking about johann friedrich bruckner and then his son johann wilhelm bruckner, who were known as "torsattler" were known and whose descendants have left the treasure from the past time as a loan to the association. For the club members it is not easy to accommodate this in the small living room, there is still so much available. There is a leather machine, a strong sewing machine, with which leather could be sewn. Also shoes, with which kummets were decorated, are still present. "Even a seaweed plucking machine is still there", explains geldner. It loosened the seaweed, which was used to upholster the upholstered furniture, and also horsehair. This and springs were still in the saddlery. For reasons of space, the wooden board on which the leather was cut is still stored in the attic.

When the machines came

The machines and materials are an important indication of the saddler’s work. The torsattler was obviously an open-minded, modern saddler, because he probably also made upholstered furniture in later years. Every training was important. "When the machines came, leather belts were needed to drive these machines", female geldner "if the leather strap broke, it had to be done quickly when the farmers were threshing." Making or reconnecting these leather straps was also a task for the saddler. Upholstering the front plate for the shoes when they pulled the devices over the field was also part of the saddler’s job. All of this can be seen in the tools that are available. Only one thing does not exist: an order book. How much work the saddler had, from which area the orders came and what a job cost, is therefore not known. "The saddler could not make a living from his craft alone", tells geldner. Saddlers partly farmed themselves agricultural plains. But they did not make leather shoes, even though leather was the saddler’s number one utensil. "A saddler did not work as a cobbler. The craftsmen took care of it", female geldner and refers to the saying "cobbler, stick to your guns" as a reference to this strict adherence to craftsmanship.

Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood actor benicio del toro (51), known for his ballerwusting movie characters, spends his free time in a peaceful way. The only laws he breaks privately are local leash restrictions for his dogs, the canvas killer told "playboy" magazine.

"Marijuana use is no longer illegal in california, so i’m more law-abiding than i’ve ever been. I support legalization and am even willing to pay taxes for pot if the money is invested in good things like education."

Another cause the cinema turret supports is the school protests for tougher gun laws following the recent school shootings in the U.S. "I think our kids know the solution, and our country will listen to them. I am thrilled with the schoolchildren who are taking to the streets everywhere to protest for tougher gun laws. These kids don’t pay bullshit."

No arm protection on the a 7

No arm protection on the a 7

There was a great deal of interest in the first of five castle meetings, at which castle mayor karlheinz kickuth presented a comprehensive report in the schutzenheim.
Although there have been talks about the protection of larm on the autobahn, the federal authorities do not see any need for action, according to karlheinz kickuth. The municipality had to finance the construction work itself.
The rejuvenation of the three existing freeway bridges, on the other hand, was currently being tested. The necessity of concrete replacements could not be judged conclusively yet. In this context, kickuth also addressed the issue of noise protection on the B 287 and the kreisstrabe 37 near langendorf, which still requires clarification.

Wall at the multi-generation square

Kickuth said that according to the authorities, the traffic load on the elfershausen section of the freeway had hardly changed. The mayor explained to the astonished listeners that payments had even shown a slight decline. Even with a six-lane expansion of the autobahn and a new bridge construction, larm protection walls or ramparts were not feasible due to legal regulations.
Criticism was voiced about the multigenerational square. The site, which was opened in april 2017, was under water by the end of the year due to persistent rainfall, causing considerable damage. To prevent this in the future, a higher protective wall is needed at the shore zones. Foreign material, which the authorities had not allowed in the initial planning, should prevent flooding of the square in the future. Ingo graser asked who would pay for the overhaul, but was not told, as it was decided in a closed session.
This challenged the criticism of alfons schmitt, who said: "no one takes responsibility". Kickuth disagreed. He referred to the planning prepared by the water management office and the government, which was implemented as follows. However, the storage material was not enough to build higher dams. This is now to be made up with the approval of the authorities.
Also for the renovation of the old school building and its transformation into a "house of associations critical questions were asked to the mayor. Angelika kohlhepp doubts that a house is necessary for the increasing number of clubs in elfershausen. "The renovation costs a lot of money. Can’t the clubs be accommodated elsewhere??", she asked.
Kickuth agreed that the mabnahme is expensive, but that this is mainly due to fire protection. But the building, whose renovation will begin after easter, is "a piece of local history" and belongs to the ensemble church-school-parsonage, the former center of the village, he argued.
In the area of the "rosenhugel the community wants to preserve the gewolbekeller after demolition of a building. In the opinion of herbert edelmann, this is not sensible. "Once the roof is missing, the cellar becomes damp." Kickuth clarified that the cellar was parallel to the property line of a neighbor’s house, which could be damaged when the cellar was demolished. "The barrel vault needs to be secured. For this a statics is necessary", he defended the mabnahme.
In general, angelika kohlhepp denied the purchase of land and houses "for which the municipality had no use". The mayor said that the situation was different in the past. "Nevertheless, we can use the property ourselves or lease it out", he stated.

30 building sites

To the prominent tree removals in the district elferhausen pays the residential and mixed area "trimberger weg". This is where the development work began last year. The new residential area has 30 building sites, in the mixed area six commercial sites are buildable. This is also where the new fire station is being built. The erschliebung should be ready at the end of 2018.

City seeks space for business

A new commercial area will probably be built in the aschbach district of schlusselfeld. The land to the west of the frankenstolz company is in the spotlight. As a first step, the city wants to have the site assessed for its suitability by an engineering firm.

The loser was probably a letter from the aschbach-based construction company seeger, which was on the table for the council members at the meeting. The company, which has around 40 employees and is located in the waldstrabe area of aschbach, is looking for suitable storage space and halls to expand. Apparently, the company is already in talks with owners and now sees the possibility of acquiring land.

No more vacant lots

The site plan attached to the letter, however, shows two almost independent areas. Taken on their own, they didn’t seem to city council members to be much of a fit for a commercial zoning designation. "We want to think more broadly, said mayor johannes krapp in an interview with the FT. Because not only in aschbach, but also in schlusselfeld, the city no longer had any industrial sites that it could offer to potential buyers.

Now the grooves in barnfels are supposed to fix it again

Now the grooves in barnfels are supposed to fix it again

At the most recent meeting of the obertrubach municipal council, the proposal to establish a play area in the barnfelser burgstrabe was discussed in detail. A written application was submitted, which five residents had signed. Up to now, there have been six very pronounced cross gutters built into the road, which were to be removed in the course of reconstruction work. Three are already gone.

With this, residents feared, traffic could speed up unacceptably. According to the municipality, however, the redesignation as a playground requires that the recreational character of the area prevails. This could happen, for example, with plant drugs. These had to be arranged so that motorists on the road could not travel faster than walking speed.

A uniform traffic surface without distinction between driving area and sidewalk would also be characteristic. But the relatively narrow street doesn't allow for that in terms of space. The city council therefore rejected the request.

34-Year-old woman dies in knife attack – partner in custody

34-year-old woman dies in knife attack - partner in custody

"I've already seen from afar that I can't help there anymore", says the neighbor whose apartment is directly below that of a young family. On thursday in the early morning hours it ceased to exist in its previous form.
The 34-year-old mother of two children lies bloodied in the garage next to the house. Your 38-year-old life-threatener waits in the car right next to it until the police arrive, according to the neighbor. "He allowed himself to be arrested without resistance", says beate weib, police press officer.

The exact cause of death is now to be determined by an autopsy. Criminal investigators are on the scene in white and yellow coveralls, documenting every detail of the crime. They put on their rubber gloves, take pictures of the scene, and pack apparent trifles into totes.

The suspected perpetrator is being questioned by the police. Ursula haderlein, the senior public prosecutor in charge of the case, was on the scene herself and may, if necessary, apply for a detention order after the trial. A judge then decides whether the 38-year-old must be remanded in custody.

Fire department at the film ball – false alarm does not dampen the party mood

Fire department at the film ball - false alarm does not dampen the party mood

What happens at the film ball, stays at the film ball": according to this motto, numerous stars will once again celebrate the start of the new film year in munich on saturday evening.

The mood at the nobelhotel bayerischer hof is exuberant, the celebrities are in good spirits – including film greats like director roland emmerich, katja riemann and jan josef liefers.

The glamorous ball, which is one of the most important events of the german film year, is opened by bavaria’s minister president markus soder (CSU) and his wife karin. "The hardest part of the evening is not a pit word, but doing the first dance" says soder while still on the red carpet. But the slow waltz goes successfully over the stage.

Simply too good to throw away

Simply too good to throw away

Norbert gundelach

for twelve years now, the couple steffi and freddy greubel have been running a trodele store in mainstrabe. "The idea to open my own troll store came to me when i visited the ‘wuhlkiste’ in eltmann. But we don’t see ourselves as a competitor to the ‘wuhlkiste’ stores in the district, and we never wanted to be", tells steffi greubel.
"Nowadays, people throw away so many things that were still usable. We want to help people who don’t have the money to buy something new", explains steffi greubel. When her husband then retired, she put her dream into practice.

Rough storage space

In the property in the mainstrabe the parents of freddy greubel formerly ran a small farm. The barn and stables have now been converted into storage rooms. The 400-square-meter warehouse is full to bursting with products.
What is stored there for sale, can not be fully paid for here. Mainly furniture, household goods, tableware, china, carpets, clothing, tools, lamps, bicycles and much more.
"It all seems messy at first glance, but we still know exactly where to look for and find what", remarks the 55-year-old with a smile. The merchandise comes to a large extent from household lots. "In the event of a death, for example, or when an apartment has to be given up, the descendants and tenants are happy to have someone take care of the apartment. We clean the rooms and in return we get the furnishings as a gift. So far I have always found what I am looking for. But I have not yet found a treasure", says freddy greubel and laughs. "Sometimes people bring me something. They regret throwing away their things that can still be used."