Barriers are dismantled

barriers are dismantled

Slowly, little by little, more and more children and parents gather at the bus station in erlangen. When everyone is there, it's off to obertrubach. Experience, fun and games are on the program of this year's "inclusive experience week" of the erlangen-hochstadt district youth association and the erlangen lifesupport organization.
The colorful group of children with and without disabilities experienced for five days that it is possible to break down barriers, to have fun together, to solve numerous tasks and to overcome adventures.
The senses were used to feel the forest floor, noises were perceived and a personal noise map was drawn up, and the forest was viewed from various perspectives. For the very brave, their balance was tested on a slackline and their noses were put to the test by various smells from nature. Fire, water, air and earth: the group, hungry for experience, took on experiments on the four elements. Among other things, she was allowed to "play" with fire and using a fire stick to make material burn, blowing a walnut boat through a water-filled tub past obstacles or conjuring an egg into a bottle.

Three lynxes in the park

It went wild at the day trip to hundshaupten. In the wildlife park, the group encountered hanged pigs, bison, elk and wolves, and some had a good romp on the trampoline. But the highlight was the feeding of lissi, sissi and lilli, the three lynxes.
Of course, a creative and active olympiad is a must during an adventure week. All children mastered the disciplines of baking bread on an open fire, batik, creating forest spirits and a wheelchair course with flying colors. The evening was rounded off with the presentation of certificates, before the children returned to erlangen the next day.