Bucking the nationwide trend: building land prices have fallen in the district of kulmbach

Inheriting building land in munich is like winning the lottery: the last average price per square meter of building land there was 2533 euros. For this amount, 108 square meters had to change hands in the district of kulmbach. On average, buyers paid around 23 euros per square meter of building land here, according to the reports to the tax office. This ranks 375th in the national building land price league, out of 403 evaluated independent cities and counties (whereby the further back, the lower the price per square meter).

The district of elbe-elster (brandenburg) is currently the most favorable for builders to obtain building land, with an average price of 10 euros per square meter. The national average is 131 euros (previous year: 119 euros). Tendency to increase. However, not in our case: here the price dropped recently.

Rough price differences

But it can also be a bit more expensive: in the statistics, building land is once again converted into "land ready for building", "raw building land" and "other building land, which is used, for example, as open space, subdivided. The subgroups "land ready for building" and, is the most expensive form, because it means that the excavator can roll immediately, because the necessary development is available. Raw building land is much more favorable, because it is land that will be developed in the near future. This is why the two average values given by the statisticians for the kulmbach district differ: in 2017, building land cost an average of around 23 euros (previous year: 41 euros), while land ready for building even came to around 52 euros (previous year: 52 euros).

These average prices are calculated on the basis of actual real estate transactions and are therefore not values determined by appraisal committees. The calculation is based on the data that are reported to the tax office for calculating the land transfer tax. That knows with it the real sales values on euro and cent. These sales values are further reported for recording in the kauerte statistics.

So we know that exactly 19828 ready-to-build plots were sold in bavaria in 2017. In addition, there were 3729 sales traps with land for construction.

164 building plots sold

The kulmbach district has played its part: a total of 164 building plots were sold here, including 113 ready-to-build plots. This resulted in a turnover of 5.74 million euros (previous year: 6.80 million euros) for land transactions with plots that are ready for construction or development. In 2017, other types of building land sold accounted for 51 transactions with a sales volume of 3.98 million euros. In the federal government, sales of building land amounted to a total of 16.69 billion euros.

Investing in land

One question remains, but the statistics do not provide the answer due to the lack of data collection. What does the buyer do with the building land?? Building or landbanking? Land banking means betting on increasing land prices instead of carrying the money to the bank at low interest rates. With the current demand a sure thing. Particularly when the warning of the "flatfrab" the designation of building areas inhibits. High prices then ensure above all small gardens – and thus also at best small ecological niches for plants and animals. It's a tight squeeze for bee-friendly flowers, for example, and the children play on the street.