Un calls for end to israel’s annexation plans

un calls for end to israel's annexation plans

A few days before possible steps by israel, UN secretary-general antonio guterres has warned against annexation of the occupied west bank.

"If implemented, the annexation would constitute a grave violation of international law, significantly impair the prospect of a two-state solution and undermine the possibility of new negotiations," guterres told the united nations security council in new york on wednesday. The UN chief spoke of a "turning point" in the middle east conflict and called on the israeli government to abandon its plans.

As a basis for an annexation, the israeli government takes a plan of the US president donald trump. The palastinians are promised their own state, but under strict conditions. It earmarks about 70 percent of west bank land for palastinians. But israeli settlements to remain. Israel has also been able to "extend its sovereignty" to the strategically important jordan valley. Jerusalem to remain undivided capital of israel. The palastinians claim the west bank and the gaza strip for their future state with east jerusalem as its capital.

What doctors have told us so far about trump’s covid illness

What doctors have told us so far about trump's covid illness

Donald trump’s personal physician on saturday gave a positive assessment of the president’s health after the corona infection. At the same time, his statements raised questions about, among other things, the timing of the diagnosis.

When did the u.S. President test positive for the coronavirus??

Trump himself announced his coronavirus test on thursday evening (local time) and the positive result shortly before 01.00 o’clock on friday night. However, his doctor, sean conley, suddenly said on saturday afternoon that the diagnosis had been made 72 hours ago. That was pointed to the wednesday. When asked by reporters when trump tested positive, conley said, "on thursday afternoon, after learning of a close contact and clinical indications and a little more concern, we did a repeat test." He did not specify what the "clinical indications" were.

No speed skating presidential elections before autumn

No speed skating presidential elections before autumn

"The election of the prasidium will, if you look at the corona-measures realistically, certainly only take place in a proper MA," explained vice-president uwe rietzke in an interview with the german press agency. The 57-year-old dresden resident will thus presumably lead the association on a provisional basis until the annual general meeting scheduled for september.

At the DESG meeting in erfurt, a new president was to be elected, but the office has been vacant since stefanie teeuwen resigned in november 2019. Two candidates had officially submitted their candidacies for these elections: claudia pechstein’s life-threatening matthias grobe and michael kurz, who was previously completely unknown in the speed skating scene.

Whether the explosive financial situation of the DESG will ease at least a little by the fall seems questionable. "What effects the corona crisis will have on the sports world as a whole and the DESG in particular, no one can seriously say at the moment. We are in close contact with the DOSB and BMI in order to overcome these difficult times together," said rietzke. "At the moment, companies are certainly preoccupied with securing their own existence rather than entering into a new sponsorship commitment."

Significantly fewer traffic fatalities in the first half of the year

Significantly fewer traffic fatalities in the first half of the year

Historic low in accidental deaths in the first half of the year due to the corona pandemic: never since german reunification have fewer people been killed or injured in traffic accidents.

The lower traffic volume due to the pandemic had a significant impact on the number of road accidents, the federal statistical office stated on friday.

In the first six months, 1281 people died in road traffic accidents. According to preliminary results from the authorities, that was 195 people or 13.2 percent fewer than in the 1. Half year 2019. The number of injured fell by 18.7 percent to just under 148,100.

John neumeier praises merkel’s crisis management

John neumeier praises merkel's crisis management

Hamburg’s ballet director john neumeier (81) pays tribute to the chancellor’s crisis management in the corona pandemic. "I think hamburg has done a great job of coping with the crisis so far. I am also a fan of angela merkel for that matter. Especially when you compare germany with my home country, america," the artist told the "hamburger abendblatt" newspaper.

According to data from johns hopkins university in baltimore, more than two million people in the u.S., which has a population of around 330 million, have been infected with the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Nationwide, nearly 113 have died so far.000 people linked to covid-19 lung disease – more than in any other country on earth.

According to the new hamburger coalition agreement of SPD and grunen, the neumeiers collection will be located in hafencity. The plans are concrete, the ballet director confirmed: "the plan is to combine the entire collection and the archive as part of a rough building with exhibition rooms, a library and my own working materials. It would be great if the university would take part in it."The project is very exciting. For years the cultural authority has been negotiating with him and his foundation how and where the collection should be presented. The art collection alone comprises 11,000 exhibits ranging from oil paintings, sculptures and other plastic objects to photographs, including the largest collection of drawings by the russian choreographer waslaw nijinsky.

Parents under pressure: restricted vacation pass because of corona

parents under pressure: restricted vacation pass because of corona

Many parents were exposed to additional burdens during the last weeks due to the corona crisis, because they had to teach their children at home and sometimes even had to sacrifice their annual leave for this purpose. Now the summer vacations are just around the corner, and the next test of endurance is already waiting for the parents. Because a vacation program, as it is normally offered by many towns and communities in the summer, cannot take place this year.

Despite this, the facilities in the district have gone to great lengths to put on an exciting program and thus relieve the parents, at least in part. Julia kubitzek from the youth center in marktbreit reports that the hat village, in which up to 90 children build several wooden hats themselves during the summer vacations, will unfortunately have to be cancelled this year. But there will still be a vacation pass with smaller activities, such as project days on africa, asia or europe. Registration is done through the youth center in marktbreit.

No food or drinks

"We have worked out a hygiene plan for this", reports kubitzek. However, events that have to do with cooking or baking are not possible, nor is a food or beverage distribution service. The vacation pass has also been agreed with the mayor, because kubitzek does not want to be at the center of a corona outbreak under any circumstances. "The parents wanted even more programs", the social pedagogue from the youth center in marktbreit reports.