District of forchheim: here you can marvel at the old craft of saddlers

district of forchheim: here you can marvel at the old craft of saddlers

A kummet is at best still known as a decoration on the garden house. The collar is a harness around the neck of the horse to be able to pull the wagon or work equipment. For saddlers, it was often the main occupation to make these – not saddle, as the job title suggests. "No one rode them. The horses were used as workhorses", tells reinhold geldner, chairman of the french-swiss association (FSV) hiltpoltstein. The comb is one of the treasures from the years after 1871, which can be found in the gatehouse in hiltpoltstein. The room in which the club members housed this treasure was the living room of. The saddler worked and tinkered in the annex of the gate. Downstairs was the stable, upstairs the workshop. However, it was only one of the saddleries in the village.

Very well equipped

"He had all the tools, he was a very well equipped saddler", female geldner. We are talking about johann friedrich bruckner and then his son johann wilhelm bruckner, who were known as "torsattler" were known and whose descendants have left the treasure from the past time as a loan to the association. For the club members it is not easy to accommodate this in the small living room, there is still so much available. There is a leather machine, a strong sewing machine, with which leather could be sewn. Also shoes, with which kummets were decorated, are still present. "Even a seaweed plucking machine is still there", explains geldner. It loosened the seaweed, which was used to upholster the upholstered furniture, and also horsehair. This and springs were still in the saddlery. For reasons of space, the wooden board on which the leather was cut is still stored in the attic.

When the machines came

The machines and materials are an important indication of the saddler’s work. The torsattler was obviously an open-minded, modern saddler, because he probably also made upholstered furniture in later years. Every training was important. "When the machines came, leather belts were needed to drive these machines", female geldner "if the leather strap broke, it had to be done quickly when the farmers were threshing." Making or reconnecting these leather straps was also a task for the saddler. Upholstering the front plate for the shoes when they pulled the devices over the field was also part of the saddler’s job. All of this can be seen in the tools that are available. Only one thing does not exist: an order book. How much work the saddler had, from which area the orders came and what a job cost, is therefore not known. "The saddler could not make a living from his craft alone", tells geldner. Saddlers partly farmed themselves agricultural plains. But they did not make leather shoes, even though leather was the saddler’s number one utensil. "A saddler did not work as a cobbler. The craftsmen took care of it", female geldner and refers to the saying "cobbler, stick to your guns" as a reference to this strict adherence to craftsmanship.

City seeks space for business

A new commercial area will probably be built in the aschbach district of schlusselfeld. The land to the west of the frankenstolz company is in the spotlight. As a first step, the city wants to have the site assessed for its suitability by an engineering firm.

The loser was probably a letter from the aschbach-based construction company seeger, which was on the table for the council members at the meeting. The company, which has around 40 employees and is located in the waldstrabe area of aschbach, is looking for suitable storage space and halls to expand. Apparently, the company is already in talks with owners and now sees the possibility of acquiring land.

No more vacant lots

The site plan attached to the letter, however, shows two almost independent areas. Taken on their own, they didn’t seem to city council members to be much of a fit for a commercial zoning designation. "We want to think more broadly, said mayor johannes krapp in an interview with the FT. Because not only in aschbach, but also in schlusselfeld, the city no longer had any industrial sites that it could offer to potential buyers.

Plans for new airfield near coburg are finally off the table

Plans for new airfield near coburg are finally off the table

The announcement comes as no surprise, but opponents of a new airfield near meeder in particular had been eagerly awaiting it to be finally certain: the northern bavaria air office has issued its decision and suspended the planning approval process for the new construction of the coburg commercial airfield.

"Now we can finally rejoice with all our hearts, the new building is off the table", on wednesday, richard mergner, regional chairman of the nature conservation alliance, commented on the announcement. Further explained mergner: now finally can be cheered from the bottom of the heart. The end of the new building was already in sight for a long time, but we have already celebrated – not least in this dispute – and then had to realize that with dodges and tricks the old planning was resurrected. But with the suspension of proceedings we now have it officially and now it is also irreversible. The new building is off the table, a hundred hectares of agricultural land have been saved, the citizens of wiesenfeld and neida will continue to be safe from air raids, the callenberg forest will not be cleared, the hugelkette will not be leveled, red kite, black stork and cassowary will retain their breeding and feeding areas

Also dagmar escher, spokeswoman of the alliance "citizens for their region – against the new airfield" was relieved on wednesday: "we are very happy about this last act." For 15 years, people in eight citizens’ initiatives had fought for this goal. Escher also announces a "great festival of joy" to. Presumably, however, this will only happen in the "warm season" will take place.

Field hockey men defeat india thanks to matania

Field hockey men defeat india thanks to matania

With a lot of patience, he fulfilled every autograph request after his double strike against the inders. More than 100 field hockey fans crowded around the barrier behind the mixed zone. With his two goals (56./58. Minute) against the previously undefeated inder, the 22-year-old was the matchwinner. Within two minutes he had turned a 1:2 deficit into a 3:2 lead. "Scoring two goals is always nice, but when they’re so important, it’s extra special," the mulheim native said in good spirits. Oliver korn had scored the interim 1-1 for the DHB selection.

Matania was almost allowed to cheer over goals at the olympics – if the native of oberhausen hadn’t been one of the last to be selected from the olympic squad for london. So he had to watch idly as his teammates became gold heroes. "When you’ve been knocked out so close before, you’ve always wanted to play in the olympics," said the business administration student about his long-term goal.

In melbourne, the 22-time national player is now the top goal scorer on the team with his three goals. National coach markus weise, however, sees him far from the end of his development. "He has great potential, but his physical condition is not good enough at the moment," said weise.

Construction gap with old oak tree

Construction gap with old oak tree

Bernhard panzer basically all members of the building committee were in agreement and agreed to a preliminary building application. On a land at the end of the schmiedstrabe a small private building area may develop. According to the application for a preliminary decision there is the "new construction of one and two-family houses on four possible rear partial areas" planned. It is conceivable that one house will be built first, and the others will follow later.

This "gap" in one part of the village was not only buried by mayor german hacker (SPD). The haundorf city councilor christian polster (CSU) also saw it this way: "A redensification in the district is sensible." Even though it is actually an auben area. But even further outside, houses have been standing for many years. According to polster, the decision on the permissibility of the project had already been made at that time. "Because that’s how a construction hump came to be. And we are now in compliance with them".

"Trees that dominate the landscape

However, the CSU city councilor also raised a question about the value of the trees that stand there. In the land use plan, which is after all already about 20 years old, there are five large trees that are described as characteristic of the locality." Polster looked around the site and found only one giant tree, along with several smaller ones. In the city’s statement on the application for a preliminary decision, it is stated, among other things, that the city’s tree protection ordinance is to be observed.

Syrian air force kills nine people in lebanon

Syrian air force kills nine people in Lebanon

According to the lebanese state news agency NNA, the dead were syrian refugees. Nine more syrians from homs province were injured, including several women and children.

According to NNA, several rockets hit a wooded area near the border village of arsal on saturday. Many syrian refugees from the burger war live in the district. The majority of sunni residents of arsal sympathize with the syrian rebels.

In recent months, there have been several attacks by syrian warplanes in lebanon. The leadership in damascus had attempted to justify this with the pursuit of terrorists across the border. Syrian state television reported on saturday that government troops had prevented intruders coming from lebanon from crossing the border.

Fc eintracht has all men on board

Fc eintracht has all men on board

"We have a home game, and at home we are a power. We want to show that to the bambergers as well", this is the clear message from anton bobenstetter, coach of TSV buchbach, where FC fubball-regionalligist FC eintracht bamberg 2010 will play this saturday (14 o'clock).
The hosts' record so far is impressive only on home soil. At the moment they are in fourth place and have won twelve and drawn four of their 23 games. 23 of their 40 payers they got at home and had to leave the court only twice as losers. For TSV buchbach, the game against bamberg marks the start of the rest of the second half of the season. Bobenstetter is correspondingly motivated: "we are ready and eager to get started!"

Still one bill open
But the team of trainer petr skarabela will be similarly spurred on. On the one hand, because they last played against the 1. FC nurnberg II at least in the second half showed a good performance and so also with the 1:1 deserved to keep a point in the cathedral city, on the other hand, because the bamberger still have a score to settle with today's opponent. 0:4 was the result in august 2012 at fuchs-park-stadium. Buchbach's top attacker stefan lex scored two of his total of 16 goals in the process.
But with the encounter against nurnberg, the violets are one step ahead of the home side: "our advantage is that we already played against the club last weekend and know where we stand", according to skarabela. Bobenstetter has a similar view: "of course, this is a huge disadvantage for us. The first game is never easy, you don't know exactly where you stand. But: we are well prepared and in good spirits."
Skarabela is warned and female: "we go to a strong opponent, where we have to bring a top performance. We have always looked good against strong teams, and we want to prove that again on saturday. The table has become really tight, and we don't want to lose touch with the non-relegation places." In terms of personnel, the FC coach can make full use of his resources in this game, all suspensions have been "served, there are no (more) casualties to mourn.

The call to the priesthood
FC eintracht bamberg 2010: all, bach – bechmann, kettler, kuhnlein, mekic, waltrapp, wenninger, kaiser, J. Pickel, fischer, gressel, herl, F. Pickel, wagner, wieczorek, abou khalil, deptalla, gortler

A run on the hochstadter “female stuff

A run on the hochstadter 'female stuff

The clothes closets of hochstadts damenwelt are obviously jam-packed. How else can it be explained that the response to the first flea market was exclusively for “women”s stuff”? So unexpectedly rough turned out.

On friday, 23. February, from 5pm to 11pm this clothing flea market for women will take place at the fortuna kulturfabrik. "The response was overwhelming", says sabine brinkel from the city"s "arbeitskreis kultur" (working group for culture) (akku), where the idea for this clothing flea market was born.

A small team from akku organizes the event. Besides brinkel, babsi cremer, traudl schmerler, birgit neudorfer, bernd riehlein and elfriede schmerler are also participating. They now have 41 sales tables at their disposal. They are in the grob hall, the gallery and the youth center.

Asb kronach opens new office

With a open house the workers’ samaritan association (ASB) kronach celebrates the inauguration of its sunday, 30. June, from 10.30 a.M. The inauguration of its new branch in the kronach city area. The public is cordially invited to take a look at the new domicile in the siechenangerstrabe. Interested parties can not only inspect the new rooms, but also see the ASB rescue dog squad in action or visit the ASB wish wagon in franconia. Of course, the physical well-being will also be well taken care of.

Space constraints and decentralized location made the move necessary

ASB operates two senior citizens’ homes in rothenkirchen and marktrodach and a social station with a driving service for disabled and sick people. However, the limited space available, the socio-political development, the need for driving services and the future-oriented orientation of the voluntary services made a relocation to the city of kronach unavoidable. In the search for an adequate location, the former car repair shop "eisentrager" in siechenangerstrabe was found. The building was in good condition and offered ideal conditions for all ASB’s needs, also thanks to the adjoining property.

1.7 million euros have been invested in the purchase and renovation of the present. The renovation included the installation and renewal of all electrical systems, the installation of an energy-efficient heating system, the renewal of the windows and partly the doors. Wall, ceiling and floor coverings were also renewed. In addition, the sanitary facilities have been adapted to the needs of the service operation.

Keeping your cool even in the “chaos phase

Keeping your cool even in the 'chaos phase

District fire inspector thomas habermann and the two district fire chiefs jonas ludewig and ralph morgenroth explain the fire department’s approach to a rough operation based on a real operation almost three weeks ago, when a forest fire broke out near ebern.

Actually, it was just a normal sunday. Jonas ludewig is the youngest district fire chief in the county and responsible for ebern and all parts of town. The 26-year-old is about to set off on a bike ride with his partner sarah and enjoy the day off. Suddenly the peace is over: the radio message receiver emits its shrill tone and calls for an operation.

“Forest fire – more than 1000 square meters” is the first message at 16.05 o’clock, on the basis of which it cannot be estimated how rough the ausmab really is. Ludewig runs to his car, and off it goes in the direction of ebern.