Digital competitiveness – germany loses ground

digital competitiveness - germany loses ground

Germany loses ground in digital competitiveness, according to a new study. The federal republic of germany fell in a prestigious ranking to the 18th place. Place among 63 countries.

In 2016, it still ranked 15th, as reported by the IMD private business school in lausanne, switzerland. The oeconomists examine how much countries rely on digital technologies. According to the university, this could be an important indicator of how well countries come through the corona pandemic. The top places were taken by the USA, singapore and denmark, which swapped places with sweden.

"Germany has excellent research and good talent, but it’s not really getting off the ground in terms of digital competitiveness," IMD chief economist christos cabolis told the german press agency. "There is a lack of technological infrastructure and investment in telecommunications, for example. But too many germans do not know enough about the digital space as well. So far, the educational takeaways haven’t been enough."

Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood actor benicio del toro (51), known for his ballerwusting movie characters, spends his free time in a peaceful way. The only laws he breaks privately are local leash restrictions for his dogs, the canvas killer told "playboy" magazine.

"Marijuana use is no longer illegal in california, so i’m more law-abiding than i’ve ever been. I support legalization and am even willing to pay taxes for pot if the money is invested in good things like education."

Another cause the cinema turret supports is the school protests for tougher gun laws following the recent school shootings in the U.S. "I think our kids know the solution, and our country will listen to them. I am thrilled with the schoolchildren who are taking to the streets everywhere to protest for tougher gun laws. These kids don’t pay bullshit."

34-Year-old woman dies in knife attack – partner in custody

34-year-old woman dies in knife attack - partner in custody

"I've already seen from afar that I can't help there anymore", says the neighbor whose apartment is directly below that of a young family. On thursday in the early morning hours it ceased to exist in its previous form.
The 34-year-old mother of two children lies bloodied in the garage next to the house. Your 38-year-old life-threatener waits in the car right next to it until the police arrive, according to the neighbor. "He allowed himself to be arrested without resistance", says beate weib, police press officer.

The exact cause of death is now to be determined by an autopsy. Criminal investigators are on the scene in white and yellow coveralls, documenting every detail of the crime. They put on their rubber gloves, take pictures of the scene, and pack apparent trifles into totes.

The suspected perpetrator is being questioned by the police. Ursula haderlein, the senior public prosecutor in charge of the case, was on the scene herself and may, if necessary, apply for a detention order after the trial. A judge then decides whether the 38-year-old must be remanded in custody.

Forchheimer is consecrated

Forchheimer is consecrated

Archbishop ludwig schick ordains two men as priests on saturday in bamberger cathedral. Because of the current restrictions due to the corona pandemic can participate in the service only invited guests. The consecration will be livestreamed from 9 a.M., a recording will be shown on sunday from 1 p.M. On TV oberfranken.

The two candidates for ordination have already been ordained deacons in 2019.

Christian wohlfahrt (37) was born in pegnitz, is a trained masseur and medical bath attendant. He took the second educational path with the oblates in the rheinkreis neuss in 2005 and graduated from the viersen-dulken evening high school in 2011. He then entered the bamberg seminary and studied theology in wurzburg. He completed his internship in st. Martin forchheim, where he was also active as a deacon and was accepted into the sebastianibruderschaft.

City celebrated with cat-head couple

City celebrated with cat-head couple

Every year, on the last monday before the summer vacations, the school in konigsberg holds a children’s party where children celebrate and play games. The so-called cat’s head festival has a rich tradition.

In the afternoon, all the children gathered with their parents and relatives on the bleichdamm at the city hall. There, the first-class drivers gave a demonstration in keeping with the motto of the event, "cat’s head – past and present", how a gymnastics lesson used to work. Beforehand, the school’s girls, under the direction of teacher doris roth, had opened the pre-drive part with a polonaise. A band dance was performed by the children of the second grade, followed by a modern dance performance by the third grades to a piece by justin timberlake. Very nice to see was a bicycle polonaise of fourth-graders with colorfully decorated tricycles.

Previously, the pair of catheads had been picked up at the city’s town hall on the market square. This pair of cat’s heads is the attraction of the festival, which has been celebrated in konigsberg in july for more than 130 years. The couple is represented by two fourth-graders. It is kept a secret who is under the cat’s head and his accompanying wife in french farmer’s costume.

The burkardroth town councils go to school?

The Burkardroth town councils go to school?

The market town council moves again. In the past few months, the council met in the rhonfesthalle in stangenroth, but recently it met again in the meeting room of the town hall. This was possible because of an ingenious concept. However: the incidences are rising again. How does the municipality at the fub of black mountains ensure the safety of council members and guests, and where and how will the upcoming meeting be held in view of the pandemic??

Mayor daniel wehner (CSU) – this is why the council must leave the rhonfesthalle

The first move was necessary. Daniel wehner (CSU), the mayor of burkardroth, says: "the rhonfesthalle in stangenroth will once again host events. As a result, it is no longer available to us as a municipality for meetings. "It was necessary each time to move roughly from the events to the meetings." The council secured the move back to the town hall with a hygiene concept.

A lot of effort for a hygiene concept in burkardroth

This had been worked out by the administration together with the health department of the district of bad kissingen. To ensure the safety of guests and rates, dispensers with disinfectant were found at the entrances of the town hall at the young meeting in november. Furthermore, there were obligatory self-tests for all council members – regardless of whether they had been vaccinated or had recovered.

Music school soon to teach in neubrunn

The preparations are done, the training rooms are available, the costs are covered. This means that a branch of the ebern music school will start work in neubrunn in the near future.
At an information meeting in the "gasthaus am berg the director of the music school, christian baum, explained the modalities of training. The meeting was also attended by chairman roland gehring from kirchlauter (habbergkapelle) and second mayor reinhold stor for the municipality of kirchlauter.
Christian baum introduced himself briefly: he studied trumpet and conducting in switzerland, where he also spent several years professionally. He has been back in france since 2012. After conducting in ebern, he founded "luftgefluster, where music was made palatable to schoolchildren. After he was offered the directorship of the music school in ebern, the number of young musicians rose to between 500 and 600 at present.
As baum further explained, the lessons also go out to kindergartens and elementary school. "The children should have time to get to know the music and the instruments and to choose the right one."

Enormous relief for the parents

The costs for kindergarten and elementary school are covered by the municipality of kirchlauter. The training room in the neubrunn school is also provided by the municipality.
It is an enormous relief for parents if their children are educated in neubrunn. This means for them short distances and a lot of time saving. As baum explained, there are enough school instruments available that can be borrowed. The costs for it amounted to twelve to 16 euros per month.
As for the lessons themselves, baum said: "we will always teach in groups. It makes sense and is better for schools to play together from the beginning of their education until they join a band."
What baum especially liked is that the neubrunn village musicians do a lot of advertising for the music school: "you don’t find that in many other bands by far like here."
The chairman of the village musicians, rainer stretz, thanked baum for the information. "I think we are on a very good way to bring young people to music."
Music education by experienced teachers is to start in neubrunn at the beginning of the new school year. Questions about the lessons, the costs, etc. Will be answered by chairman rainer stretz or secretary simone holzmann.

Trimberg and heidelsteig schools in bamberg: end of gym closure in sight

Trimberg and heidelsteig schools in bamberg: end of gym closure in sight

Since september 2017, the gymnasium of the trimberg school in bamberg has been closed, and the hall of the heidelsteig school has also been closed for a long time. To the annoyance of the clubs, which can only partially move their training sessions to other buildings. But according to the city's real estate management, there was no other way: the halls had to be closed due to problems with the ceiling and the hall floor (heidelsteigschule). The lighting in all halls will also be converted to LED technology.

Meanwhile, the renovation work at the trimberg school is nearing completion: after the carnival vacations, the building is scheduled to open on 19. February reopened. The renovation work at the heidelsteig school is still ongoing: according to the real estate management, it should be completed by the middle of march.

There had been criticism of the long delay of the work, according to the city, among other things, problems with insurance and appraisers have led to this. Sports spokesman christian lange (CSU) also appealed for understanding, bringing up a possible medium-term solution for the scarce hall capacity in bamberg.

Caritas asked to dance for a good cause in trossenfurt

Caritas asked to dance for a good cause in trossenfurt

The charity ball was sold out earlier than ever before this year. "570 seats, we don’t sell more, so that it doesn’t come at the expense of the dance floor", rita krebs explained in an interview with our portal. The 45. Rose ball of the caritas-circle association was the 31. And the last one she organized before her retirement and everything went like clockwork – even the snow didn’t start falling until sunday morning, when all the ball guests had long since returned home safe and sound.

"We take this as a sign that the rose ball has arrived here at the oberaurach center (OAZ)", caritas district chairman johannes simon was also delighted. The dancers even come from the lower main to the social ball of the caritas habberge, which was once initiated by klaus diedering in his function as district manager. The ball was moved to the OAZ when the franz-hofmann hall in knetzgau was closed down. In the first two years, the response was a little weaker, but the excellent danceable parquet floor quickly got around among the dance enthusiasts.

The celebrities (district administrator wilhelm schneider, host and mayor thomas sechser, member of the state parliament steffen vogel) were allowed to swarm out after the first rounds of dancing to sell the raffle tickets. The best dance music was provided by the klaus hormann band, which filled the dance floor with the very first waltz. The pelzer dance school put on a show with "salsa caliente".

Job fair bad kissingen: insight for activity at home

job fair bad kissingen: insight for activity at home

Unlike many of her friends, juliane kollmer decided to train in a skilled trade. "I’ve said since I was a little kid that I wanted to be an optometrist", she tells. As a child, however, she stayed out of the family business run by her father, jochen, in grabengasse. After finishing school, the 23-year-old nevertheless began her training as an optician. In the meantime, she has passed her journeyman’s examination as best in the chamber, has passed her master’s examination and has completed additional training as an optometrist. For her achievements, she was awarded the master prize of the bavarian state government. "I love my job, she says. Because it is varied: it advises customers, needs manual dexterity and medical knowledge.

As a state-certified optician, she measures customers’ eyes, determines their visual acuity, grinds eyeglass lenses into shape and measures the fit of contact lenses. In short: "it’s about achieving the best possible view for the customer", bath kissinger says. As an optometrist, she also examines the eyes from a medical point of view. She is able to recognize malpositions and abnormalities of disease. "Optometrists are not allowed to make a diagnosis, but we can refer you to a specialist, kollmer explains. This could help, for example, in the early detection of illnesses.

Home as an alternative

When time permits, she helps out in the family business; otherwise, the young master optician is currently employed by an optician in munich. She wants to gain professional experience there, especially as an optometrist. It takes a lot of practical training to be able to evaluate photos from the back of the eye well. In principle, she could well imagine returning to her home country later on. "I like the coarse city, but to live there all the time, it’s nothing", she says. It is not out of the question for her to join the family business in the fourth generation.