Increasing demand for all-day schooling increases staffing needs

Increasing demand for all-day schooling increases staffing needs

The budget of 36,000 euros available for the all-day school in adelsdorf is far from sufficient. In order to meet the staffing requirements, an additional 9,000 euros per year is needed, explained gabriele monius, principal of the secondary school, during a visit by the committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education. Mayor karsten fischkal () made it clear that concessions were difficult, as this would arouse desires of other schools and kindergartens. For the planning of the next budget, therefore, a concept should first be created and presented. In the absence of a chamber, the budget was decided only in the first quarter of the coming year.

Headmistress monika grimm also sees staffing problems due to the large number of children attending the open all-day school. While only six groups were originally planned, there are now nine with a total of 130 children who are accommodated and cared for. The staff has already been increased, but it is not enough.

Gabriele monius revealed a problem of a special kind to the parish council in the secretary’s office. For some time now, the smell of decay has been spreading there, and it is almost unbearable. The blame for this could be mice or even rats, which died in the gable roof.

Thulba residents discuss investment in their gymnasium

thulba residents discuss investment in their gymnasium

The community must invest a lot of money in the coming years in the provost community of thulba. This announced burgermeister gotthard schlereth (CSU/) in the well-attended burgerversammlung to. The 2.2 to 2.5 million euro renovation of the daycare center is pending, along with a change of use for the thulbatal hall. For this the first cost estimates are 550 000 euro. The reconstruction of the waterworks is already underway, the cost calculations for the project have now grown to 1.2 million euros.
The road "behind the wall" is also in a bad condition and a lot is also planned for the development of the town center. Here on the wish list are the improvement of the environment in the area of the former provostry and the renovation of the historic monastery wall. These were also topics that were discussed openly, lively and always fairly at the meeting.
The renovation of the thulbatal hall, which was built in 1976/77 with a great deal of the company's own work, was also the subject of lively discussion. Many were impressed by the first cost estimate. The previously pure gymnasium is to be converted into an official assembly hall. The hall is owned by the soccer club and the school club, but is also used as a school gymnasium. In the meeting it was considered very important for the preservation of social life in thulba.
"The figures that have now been mentioned are fresh and must be discussed, both in the association and in the local community. The changes in sports show that there must be more and more cooperation within the sports clubs, too," said the chairman of the FC, said the chairman of the FC, dietmar werner.
"We are currently in the middle of planning", schlereth referred to four variants for the daycare center, the cost estimates of which ranged from 2.2 to 2.5 million euros. In addition, the municipal council is discussing a new plan that envisages a three-group kindergarten on a plot of municipal land directly adjacent to the current buildings. The former kindergarten could then be used for events in the village community, as a parish hall and for senior citizens. Further it could serve the children as turnsaal.

Costs are still partly open
According to these ideas, the bookshop should be relocated to the staircase gable house. In the current area, it is bursting at the seams and the statics are causing concern due to the heavy load. "How much this new idea will cost remains to be seen. Before we determine that, we need to know what we want, and there is a joint planning the most important stage."
Pastor karl theodor mauer addressed the separation of church and community and suggested that the diocese be included in the planning process. According to the mayor, the st.Elisabethenverein carrier remain, even if on municipality property new is built.
Herbert frohlich spoke up in the discussion: "with all the renovations and improvements we must not forget our roads"." Not every old cellar has to be renovated. It is important to set priorities here. Against 23.30 o'clock said the 2. Mayor and local representative manfred manger that many things had been addressed, they would take care of the proposals in the municipal council. Mayor schlereth thanked burghers, clubs and organizations for their support.

The first 100 trees are planted

The first 100 trees are planted

A total of 2,000 climate-resistant tree seedlings are to be planted in the district by the end of 2021. With the project "county of habberge active in climate and environment protection" the district wants to make a contribution to nature in the region. The target group are schools, which are to be sensitized for the environmental and climate protection thought and motivated to sustainable behavior by forest-pedagogical guidance and planting.

The regiomontanus grammar school in habfurt was one of the first schools to plant over 100 young trees. On the wide strip of grass near the triple gymnasium, the stakeholders gathered. District administrator wilhelm schneider thanked the students of the P-seminar" -sparer" and other young people volunteering for the project. The eleventh and twelfth graders were immediately enthusiastic when their teacher michael schuster presented the project. The school administration, headed by principal maria eirich, also supported the planting campaign.

District garden consultants guntram ulsamer and johannes bayer planned and implemented the project together with the district office. They were actively supported in this by the district’s grounds maintenance company. "We plant native trees as well as trees from the mediterranean region", said ulsamer. In addition to elsbeere, field maple and wild cherry, marone and mulberry, for example, are among the preferred varieties. Additional 120 shrubs will also be planted at the habfurt high school, mainly buckthorn and chokecherries.

Four students were the best

Four students were the best

Four graduates of the dr.-ernst-schmidt-realschule ebern is this year’s best school: cedric simon, franziska richter, nico prell and sophia pickel passed their final exams with a grade point average of 1.45 and were specially honored for this at the farewell ceremony last friday. But seven other schoolchildren also shone with an A before the decimal point.
"You have improved yourselves just in the examination time to the end and have taken a good final examination", principal hartmut weis was pleased and proud that all graduates have a secure connection to their secondary school education with a company apprenticeship or further education at school.
A special thank you from the realschule director went to the three school representatives, annalena hohn, oliver krabner and leon busch. "We have achieved a lot together with your proposals, and it has been fun to work with you," he said, weis summed up. For example, the motto day was perfectly organized and many small and large ideas for improving the school day were implemented.
It was also remarkable that the three school representatives represented their school in berlin for the third time at the project selection talks for the social day 2019. Also at the organization "school – help – life" the three dedicated schoolchildren had a say in how the money generated on the social day was spent.

Challenged to commit

"The secondary school diploma is a good basis for taking on responsibility in life", deputy district administrator oskar ebert emphasized and also called on the graduating students to play an active role in shaping their homeland. Ebert emphasized that the district of habberge, as a state agency, was making great efforts to provide a good learning environment for the schoolchildren as well as the teachers. A total of 7.8 million euros was invested in the extension to the secondary school and the general renovation currently underway.
"An investment in knowledge still brings the best interest" – with this sentence by the american politician and scientist benjamin franklin, mayor jurgen hennemann made it clear to the school leavers that they will receive their first interest with their school-leaving certificate. The head of the city also invited the graduates to the old town festival on the weekend and added with a smile that this event is held every year especially for the graduating students.

Humorous closing speech

Very humorous was also the closing speech of the schoolgirls, given by leon busch, oliver krabner and philipp steppert. They began with the following words, which, according to their own statements, they often used during the past school years: "we have nothing directly prepared now, but if we all pull together, we will get the time around."