Championship title for fc bayern only mathematics

championship title for fc bayern only mathematics

"We’ll keep playing, and when it’s mathematically certain, we’ll celebrate too. But as long as it’s not that, we don’t accept any congratulations," emphasized chairman karl-heinz rummenigge after the curious 3:2 (1:1) home victory over fortuna dusseldorf.

Shortly before the eighth-final knockout match in the champions league against FC arsenal, rummenigge noted with satisfaction another facet in munich’s fubball repertoire. "Maybe we hadn’t won a game like this last year. That is certainly also a quality that you still win, even if there are sometimes difficulties."

The munich team had more of that than expected against the rising star. "That was a funny game. I think that we had not won this game last season, but this year everything just fits," said also national goalkeeper manuel neuer and found the 25. Bundesliga match day "with a view to the other results, doubly so".

His schalker took the table runners-up borussia dortmund at 2:1 the payers, leverkusen fluffed 0:1 in mainz. If both opponents continue to play, with 27 payers still to be allocated, it could be as early as 30. Marz to be so far. "I don’t know if it’s still a bit fresh there," joked toni kroos when asked if it wasn’t already then to stand on the town hall balcony.

Coach jupp heynckes was not in the mood for joking about another matter. To his surprise, rummenigge turned down an offer from the media that the outgoing coach could continue to work in another position at the soccer record champion beyond the end of the season. "Some time ago, my club, that is borussia monchengladbach, offered me the vice-presidency. I also declined," the 67-year-old said. "After 50 years as a player and coach, i don’t think i’ll be taking up a functionary post anywhere."

After there had already been interruptions when pep guardiola was announced as heynckes’ successor, at least one communication deficit was revealed this time as well. "I only said that as an appreciation to him," rummenigge said after the game. The further career of the 67-year-old is "naturally his exclusive sole decision".

The fact that the discussion about heynckes did not get any rougher was also due to the victory (86. Minute) thanks to jerome boateng. With his first goal in 130. Bundesliga match he drew his team. "I’m really happy, it fits exactly. My children had their birthdays yesterday, my father’s birthday is today, so I’m dedicating the goal to them," explained the national defender after the well-deserved victory. 75 to 25 percent possession, 12 to 1 corners, 11 to 2 shots on goal – and yet fortuna came close to a surprise.

It was only the fifth time this season that munich fell behind, and the second time after the 6-1 win over vfb stuttgart that they still managed a win. "Now i know again what a setback is like, but now it’s enough again," declared thomas muller and, like everyone at the record champion, was relieved. "Every game lost results in a shitty sunday."

Despite the defeat, the dusseldorf team should not have it. The opening goals by mathis bolly (16.) and andreas lambertz (71.) were replaced by muller (45.) and franck ribery (73.) balanced. At the end there was only praise instead of points. "We were very close to not only arguing the bavarians, but also to taking something payable," said coach norbert meier. "Bavaria is a team that is not only top class in germany, but is also to be found at the top of the league in europe."The next proof of this kind will be on wednesday against arsenal.