Construction gap with old oak tree

Construction gap with old oak tree

Bernhard panzer basically all members of the building committee were in agreement and agreed to a preliminary building application. On a land at the end of the schmiedstrabe a small private building area may develop. According to the application for a preliminary decision there is the "new construction of one and two-family houses on four possible rear partial areas" planned. It is conceivable that one house will be built first, and the others will follow later.

This "gap" in one part of the village was not only buried by mayor german hacker (SPD). The haundorf city councilor christian polster (CSU) also saw it this way: "A redensification in the district is sensible." Even though it is actually an auben area. But even further outside, houses have been standing for many years. According to polster, the decision on the permissibility of the project had already been made at that time. "Because that’s how a construction hump came to be. And we are now in compliance with them".

"Trees that dominate the landscape

However, the CSU city councilor also raised a question about the value of the trees that stand there. In the land use plan, which is after all already about 20 years old, there are five large trees that are described as characteristic of the locality." Polster looked around the site and found only one giant tree, along with several smaller ones. In the city’s statement on the application for a preliminary decision, it is stated, among other things, that the city’s tree protection ordinance is to be observed.

In fact, a stately oak tree stands there. "It must be 250 years old", franz kern, who lives in the property on schmiedstrabe, told the FT. "We already know that the tree is to remain standing." Furthermore there are several fruit trees on the land.

No protection for fruit trees

The tree protection ordinance stipulates that deciduous trees with a trunk circumference of more than 60 centimeters are worthy of protection, said the city’s environmental protection officer monika preinl. Fruit trees are exempt from the regulations and do not enjoy any special protection. However, preinl also pointed out in the FT interview that building law has priority. First of all, it had to be clarified which trees were located directly in the construction area and which were located outside. If necessary, exemptions must then be issued. In any case, she always looks at cases involving trees worth protecting on the spot.

The city administration had added a long statement of noteworthy conditions to the submitted application. Among other things, the residential road must have a turnaround and in the design had to be used saddle roofs. A tuscan roof was not approved, as mayor german hacker stated in the meeting.