Four students were the best

Four students were the best

Four graduates of the dr.-ernst-schmidt-realschule ebern is this year’s best school: cedric simon, franziska richter, nico prell and sophia pickel passed their final exams with a grade point average of 1.45 and were specially honored for this at the farewell ceremony last friday. But seven other schoolchildren also shone with an A before the decimal point.
"You have improved yourselves just in the examination time to the end and have taken a good final examination", principal hartmut weis was pleased and proud that all graduates have a secure connection to their secondary school education with a company apprenticeship or further education at school.
A special thank you from the realschule director went to the three school representatives, annalena hohn, oliver krabner and leon busch. "We have achieved a lot together with your proposals, and it has been fun to work with you," he said, weis summed up. For example, the motto day was perfectly organized and many small and large ideas for improving the school day were implemented.
It was also remarkable that the three school representatives represented their school in berlin for the third time at the project selection talks for the social day 2019. Also at the organization "school – help – life" the three dedicated schoolchildren had a say in how the money generated on the social day was spent.

Challenged to commit

"The secondary school diploma is a good basis for taking on responsibility in life", deputy district administrator oskar ebert emphasized and also called on the graduating students to play an active role in shaping their homeland. Ebert emphasized that the district of habberge, as a state agency, was making great efforts to provide a good learning environment for the schoolchildren as well as the teachers. A total of 7.8 million euros was invested in the extension to the secondary school and the general renovation currently underway.
"An investment in knowledge still brings the best interest" – with this sentence by the american politician and scientist benjamin franklin, mayor jurgen hennemann made it clear to the school leavers that they will receive their first interest with their school-leaving certificate. The head of the city also invited the graduates to the old town festival on the weekend and added with a smile that this event is held every year especially for the graduating students.

Humorous closing speech

Very humorous was also the closing speech of the schoolgirls, given by leon busch, oliver krabner and philipp steppert. They began with the following words, which, according to their own statements, they often used during the past school years: "we have nothing directly prepared now, but if we all pull together, we will get the time around."

Included schoolgirls

The three also told funny anecdotes that had happened in the past years. For example, a group of schoolgirls were once accidentally locked in the gymnasium, and then drew attention to themselves with a help banner. The teachers received a rough thank-you for all the knowledge they had imparted.
Between the awarding of certificates for the individual classes, the orchestra and the school band entertained the guests musically. For the best in the individual subjects there were also prizes, with which they were awarded by the numerous sponsors.