Helga’s hamburger humor also finds sharp ears on the obermain river

Helga's hamburger humor also finds sharp ears on the obermain river

For 37 years, hamburg cabaret artist helga siebert has been forging verse – small, subtle and mean. With her program "abgefeimtes und gereimtes" she was at the "stadtcafe" on thursday to hear.

With hamburger humor, helga siebert presents the essence of her long career on the stage to her listeners. These are rhymes presented with a sharp tongue, which she serves to her listeners virtually on a silver platter. She is happy when she sees men’s teeth, says siebert, looking around the room. What follows is a look at the individual forms of laughter, divided according to the respective ethnic groups (the swabian laughs esoterically, in berlin people are quick to laugh) …).

The gestures and facial expressions of the cabaret artist are also worthy of mention, making many a lecture a special pleasure. The topics are diverse, for example the food scandals of the past decades. In view of the variety, you can’t help wondering what else the food industry is willing to put you through.

It’s the everyday occurrences, worries, notes, but also the small joys of everyday life that siebert brings to a pleasing verse. The daily struggle with pounds, for example, is described with appropriate gestures toward the center of the body as "terror on the soft tissue front describes. During the day it would still be possible to go hungry, but at night millions of cells are longing to be recharged.

Helga siebert also takes up the cudgels for smokers, who have had to endure all those horrible images on cigarette packs. They would find it more charming, if appropriate notes in verse about the dangers of smoking were enlightened. "Smokers’ lungs have a hard time, because the wings often don’t want to go on", sounds much more charming. At some point it’s finally the turn of the politics section.