Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood boss benicio del toro is law-abiding

Hollywood actor benicio del toro (51), known for his ballerwusting movie characters, spends his free time in a peaceful way. The only laws he breaks privately are local leash restrictions for his dogs, the canvas killer told "playboy" magazine.

"Marijuana use is no longer illegal in california, so i’m more law-abiding than i’ve ever been. I support legalization and am even willing to pay taxes for pot if the money is invested in good things like education."

Another cause the cinema turret supports is the school protests for tougher gun laws following the recent school shootings in the U.S. "I think our kids know the solution, and our country will listen to them. I am thrilled with the schoolchildren who are taking to the streets everywhere to protest for tougher gun laws. These kids don’t pay bullshit."

He himself "grew up with a gun in the house" and is trained by experts in pushing for his roles. "A friend of mine, for example, trains SWAT teams (special forces). When they hear a gunshot, they have to decide within milliseconds where it came from and react. My friend says, some teams he trains for 15 years, and the half still runs in the wrong direction. And now trump is trying to convince me that arming our teachers is a good idea?"

Benicio del toro’s new film "sicario 2," in which he plays a contract killer alongside josh brolin, is due for release on 19. July in the cinemas.