It should rain red roses in munnerstadt.

it should rain red roses in munnerstadt.

Friedrich ruckert was in the center of the first scenic reading. The premiere of the litea(n)ts barbel furst, jens-muller rastede and bernt sieg went on stage in may 2013 as a contribution to the "else" art project in the marienanstalt. 23 premieres have taken place since then, among them the legendary "man oh man" with literature of the mann family (april 2014) , the "french revolution", who had a real guillotine on stage (may 2014) or "without a detective story, the mimi never goes to bed" (may 2015). On the occasion of their fifth anniversary, the litera(n)ts have prepared an anniversary event, which will take place on saturday, 2. June, in the hall of the inn "zum baren" takes place. At the center of the staged reading is hildegard knef (1925-2002), actress, author and singer. Because such an event cannot take place without the right music, the litera(n)ten brought milli genth on board.

"I have always enjoyed it", barbel furst remembers the beginnings. Without the certified trade teacher, the litera(n)ties would probably never have existed. She immediately found a companion in her husband dr. Med. Bernt victory. The doctor also has a lot of fun with literature. However, it is not bad to have a professional in your ranks if you want to present scenic readings. So they approached the actor jens muller-rastede. "We knew each other from seeing each other in the natural food store", says barbel furst. And so the trio was complete.

Actually, the space was already too small at the premiere in the marienanstalt. Three venues quickly emerged: the deutschherrnkeller, the baren-saal and the gewolbekeller in the bavarian court. The latter is used exclusively for christmas readings because of its atmosphere. "It’s not so easy to find enough rough rooms with gastronomy in munnerstadt", says bernt sieg. Then the concept also includes that visitors can drink a glass of wine during the reading. It has happened, however, that even in the baren hall they had to turn people away because there were simply too many people. "The audience is very mixed, so barbel furst. They are residents of munnerstadt of all ages, but also visitors from surrounding towns and communities. "It also has a social touch," says, says jens muller rastede. "The people sit together for a long time afterwards and talk to each other." The cell phone stays in the pocket.

"Our anniversary event will have a completely different style," says bernt sieg, explains barbel furst. The human being hildegard knef,her music and lyrics,her biography will be the center of attention. Milli genth takes over the musical part. "Of course i knew a few songs", she says. "It’s going to rain red roses for me," she says or "one and one make two" belong to it. But not much more. Then milli genth took a closer look at her. "She was not the diva she was made out to be", she says. The image that many people have of the artist was created by the publicity in the tabloid media, with which hildegard knef fought for years. Rather, she was very wise, courageous, humorous and philosophical. "She has been misunderstood."
The picture was created in the pruden 1950s – the litera(n)ts agree on that. The film "the sundress, the film, in which hildegard knef could be seen naked for a few seconds, and which mainly dealt with taboo subjects such as prostitution and death on demand, caused quite a scandal. The change between the USA and germany and her two divorces also did not fit into the picture of the time. "I can still remember the 50s very well", says jens muller-rastede. "And I still feel sick today."

The literary people will of course also devote themselves to the literary side of the artist. "The gift horse or "the verdict have become bestsellers. "No german author achieved such a circulation at that time", says bernt sieg. Hildegard knef died in berlin in 2002. Now the litera(n)ts and milli genth will perform on saturday, 2. June, remember her. Admission is at 6 p.M., the staged reading begins at 8 p.M.