John neumeier praises merkel’s crisis management

John neumeier praises merkel's crisis management

Hamburg’s ballet director john neumeier (81) pays tribute to the chancellor’s crisis management in the corona pandemic. "I think hamburg has done a great job of coping with the crisis so far. I am also a fan of angela merkel for that matter. Especially when you compare germany with my home country, america," the artist told the "hamburger abendblatt" newspaper.

According to data from johns hopkins university in baltimore, more than two million people in the u.S., which has a population of around 330 million, have been infected with the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Nationwide, nearly 113 have died so far.000 people linked to covid-19 lung disease – more than in any other country on earth.

According to the new hamburger coalition agreement of SPD and grunen, the neumeiers collection will be located in hafencity. The plans are concrete, the ballet director confirmed: "the plan is to combine the entire collection and the archive as part of a rough building with exhibition rooms, a library and my own working materials. It would be great if the university would take part in it."The project is very exciting. For years the cultural authority has been negotiating with him and his foundation how and where the collection should be presented. The art collection alone comprises 11,000 exhibits ranging from oil paintings, sculptures and other plastic objects to photographs, including the largest collection of drawings by the russian choreographer waslaw nijinsky.

For the 6. In september, neumeier plans the premiere of "ghost light," which is roughly related to the pandemic, in hanseatic city. "Somehow it keeps me young. Everything precious is gone, but I have the most precious thing, and that is this ensemble that has the desire to create," he said of the recently resumed community rehearsals at his ballet center.