Kickers erlangen: good mood despite sporting problems

Kickers erlangen: good mood despite sporting problems

The kickers erlangen from the fubball-kreisklasse 1 ER/PEG installed felix weyh as successor of trainer rene ebert before the season. The new coach has settled in very well and feels at home at his new club – only in sporting terms things are not really going well yet.
It is felix weyh’s first coaching stop as head coach. The kickers erlangen gave the only 26-year-old the chance, the commitment works on the human level so far also flawlessly. "It was in any case the right decision, I get along with the people here super clear. Everything here is friendly, and after training we like to have a drink together", the training manager is pleased.
So everything actually looks quite good for the kickers from erlangen, if it weren’t for the sporting aspects. Rank 13 and only twelve collected payers mean currently relegation fight. The coach also has an explanation for the low points yield: "the sporting situation is the result of the low participation in training", says weyh. "At the opening training there were still over 30 people for both teams, now there are on average maybe twelve men."
With such a high turnout, it is naturally difficult to practice routines and rehearse game systems," he says. "That’s news to those in charge, but it was foreseeable for everyone that it would be difficult," he says, reports the training manager and adds: "there was a complete upheaval in the summer. It takes time for everything to settle down again."

Not ideal conditions

But apart from the change in the squad, the new training conditions may also be playing a role in the kickers’ poor points haul. Since this season, they have been training on the FSV erlangen-bruck pitch. "The conditions are very very bad", emphasizes weyh. "We have to subordinate ourselves to the FSV, the field conditions are simply not good." The bad turf does not necessarily increase the desire to play football, which also explains some of the poor training attendance. So one thing leads to another – and the team is left with only twelve points after the preliminary round.
But the season is still long and for the kickers, who are currently not on a relegation spot, everything is possible. "I think we are on the right track", weyh emphasizes: "we get along very well with each other, the atmosphere in the team is very positive. Only on sunday on the field it hapert evenly still." But it was clear that things would not continue as they had in the first two years, when the newly founded club celebrated two brilliant promotions in a row.

Catching up on condition pressure

During the winter break, weyh now wants to start anew with his boys and of course hopes for an improved training attendance. The kickers will play three preparation games on the artificial turf pitch at SV tennenlohe. "That was agreed beforehand, it’s great that we get this opportunity", the training manager is pleased. Furthermore, the trainer has two friends who are fitness trainers. "In the hall, we’re really put through our paces for an hour and a half, the coach notes with a laugh.
The young coach of the junior team has come up with a lot of ideas to keep his players in line and to motivate them to attend more training sessions. In addition, weyh will place particular emphasis on the running game in preparation for a difficult second half of the season. "The main focus is on the endurance area", he emphasizes: "we didn’t do enough in the summer, and that became noticeable in the round. We want to make up for this deficit and start the new series in top form."

Dense crowd

The erlangen team will definitely have to be fit after the winter break, because the relegation battle is very close. The kickers currently have a lead of only three points over the last team in the table, wimmelbach. So everything can change on a single game day. That’s why the table 13. Going back to the drawing board on the transfer market. "We will get one or the other newcomer, but currently nothing is fixed", says weyh.
It remains exciting to see who will be wearing the kickers jersey after the winter. One thing is clear: he joins a team in which the atmosphere is good – if it weren’t for the sporting situation.