Konrad korner on the csu europalist with place 11 in the top block

Konrad korner on the csu europalist with place 11 in the top block

The 26-year-old herzogenaurach city councilor and district chairman of the young union of central franconia was elected to 11th place on the CSU europalist at the delegates’ meeting in munich on saturday. As the top candidate of the CSU in central franconia and together with the agricultural representative and member of the bundestag from lauf, marlene mortler, korner is to lead the CSU in central franconia into the european election campaign.

Korner tells the FT: "it’s true that many in the CSU have understood the need for renewal. As one of the youngest candidates, to come straight into the top block, and then to be given a super vote, is a vote of confidence that really makes me happy!"


The delegates voted with 86.7 percent in favor of korner, who thus received one of the best results of all the new candidates. The european elections, which took place in germany on 26. According to korner, the games that will take place on may 1, 2019, will be a decision for the future. For his generation, a united europe is a matter of course, but everyone must now take responsibility to ensure that it remains so. Korner: "we will not be able to shape europe with either left-wing fantasists or narrow-minded right-wing extremists."

With manfred weber at the helm of the european people’s party, we now have the chance to bring a bavarian to the helm of the eu commission who can also explain european issues to the people, says the young man from herzogenaurach. Kerner’s chances of entering the european parliament at the first attempt are nevertheless slim. The CSU had to win 77 percent in bavaria", he said in response to a question from the FT.