Rough family congratulates on the “iron”

Rough family congratulates on the 'iron'

In mental and physical freshness, the couple anna-maria, called marianne, and eugen wohlfahrt were able to celebrate the 65th anniversary of their marriage in gemeinfeld. Celebrating the anniversary of his wedding. Among the many congratulators were district administrator wilhelm schneider and the mayor of burgpreppach, hermann niediek. Deeply rooted in the christian faith, the couple celebrated their iron wedding anniversary with a thanksgiving service in the church of gemeinfeld, where they were married on 9. November 1953 in front of the wedding altar.

In a house with her daughter

For the time quite far, namely to robdach near scheblitz, eugen wohlfahrt made his way by bicycle to his bride, but both have never regretted the step for a common life. The jubilee couple gave birth to six children, four boys and two girls. In the meantime, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren have joined the family. Although they live in a house with their daughter silke and are very grateful for her support, the jubilarians are still largely able to look after themselves.

In the early days of their marriage, they still ran a small farm together, but soon they were no longer able to feed the family with it. So eugen wohlfahrt went to work for a construction company in aidhausen, his wife marianne looked after the stable, animals, garden and whatever else was needed. And then there were the six children, whom she accompanied into life with a lot of affection.

Eugen wohlfahrt, now 88 years old, still looks after small animals and takes care of the firewood supply. The tractor serves him well, as he says: his "eicherla", which has become dear to him, year of construction 1956, 16 hp. His wife, who is three years younger, takes care of the garden, the cooking and "halt um mei bluma".

In the life of the village community, both have always been active, even if not so much in the forefront. Eugen wohlfahrt has been a member of the fruit and horticulture association for more than 50 years. He was also the first chairman for a short time and is now an honorary member. He was also involved in the fire department and the water association.

Eugen wohlfahrt still feels grateful that he did not have to go to war like his three brothers and even his father, even though all four of them came back unharmed.

Anna-maria wohlfahrt proudly announces that they have been reading the french day in the family for about as long as they have been married.