Syrian air force kills nine people in lebanon

Syrian air force kills nine people in Lebanon

According to the lebanese state news agency NNA, the dead were syrian refugees. Nine more syrians from homs province were injured, including several women and children.

According to NNA, several rockets hit a wooded area near the border village of arsal on saturday. Many syrian refugees from the burger war live in the district. The majority of sunni residents of arsal sympathize with the syrian rebels.

In recent months, there have been several attacks by syrian warplanes in lebanon. The leadership in damascus had attempted to justify this with the pursuit of terrorists across the border. Syrian state television reported on saturday that government troops had prevented intruders coming from lebanon from crossing the border.

Islamist rebel brigades, meanwhile, captured three ammunition depots in syria. The organization of syrian human rights monitors reported that the attackers had captured armor-piercing ammunition and armored vehicles in kaldun, north of the capital damascus.

There was also a new incident on the turkish-syrian border in which a turkish civilian was killed. The 43-year-old was hit by a stray bullet in the turkish border town of ceylanpinar during a battle between kurds and islamists on the syrian side, turkish media reported on saturday. In the past few weeks, four residents of the village have been killed by maniacs.

In northern syria, arab islamist brigades and kurds critical of the regime have been fighting for dominance for days now. The opposition called on the parties involved on saturday to settle their conflict. In an appeal by the national syrian coalition, it said the revolutionaries could only use their weapons in the fight against the government forces and the militias of president assad. "The coalition warns against using the current crisis in syria to pursue other political goals"."

The syrian opposition is also very worried about an italian jesuit priest who disappeared this week in the rebel area. She declared in istanbul on saturday: "we call on all parties involved in the disappearance of father paolo dall’oglio to come forward immediately and release him"."

The cleric had lived for 30 years in the syrian monastery mar mussa. After the beginning of the uprising he was expelled because of his critical attitude towards the regime. He was last seen in al-rakka province, where islamist brigades are calling the shots.

This sunday, the political committee of the syrian national coalition will meet in the turkish city of gaziantep to discuss again the formation of a counter-government. The opposition alliance threatens to sink into insignificance, as many rebel brigades do not feel bound by its directives.