The burkardroth town councils go to school?

The Burkardroth town councils go to school?

The market town council moves again. In the past few months, the council met in the rhonfesthalle in stangenroth, but recently it met again in the meeting room of the town hall. This was possible because of an ingenious concept. However: the incidences are rising again. How does the municipality at the fub of black mountains ensure the safety of council members and guests, and where and how will the upcoming meeting be held in view of the pandemic??

Mayor daniel wehner (CSU) – this is why the council must leave the rhonfesthalle

The first move was necessary. Daniel wehner (CSU), the mayor of burkardroth, says: "the rhonfesthalle in stangenroth will once again host events. As a result, it is no longer available to us as a municipality for meetings. "It was necessary each time to move roughly from the events to the meetings." The council secured the move back to the town hall with a hygiene concept.

A lot of effort for a hygiene concept in burkardroth

This had been worked out by the administration together with the health department of the district of bad kissingen. To ensure the safety of guests and rates, dispensers with disinfectant were found at the entrances of the town hall at the young meeting in november. Furthermore, there were obligatory self-tests for all council members – regardless of whether they had been vaccinated or had recovered.

Butkardroth market town council: these conditions were imposed

Masks were compulsory until everyone was in place. The 3G rule applied in the visitor area. Moreover, a distance of 1.5 meters had to be maintained. In 30-minute rotations, the council members aired their meeting room.

But the concept cannot be maintained at the moment. "The numbers are now at a different level. They exploded", states daniel wehner. "We will probably have to change again." Concretely, this means that the rate must move again. However: the rhonfest hall is – as mentioned at the beginning – no longer available for the time being.

Corona issue and municipal council meeting: these are the ideas from city hall

In a conversation on tuesday morning, the mayor and his deputy found two alternatives. "We are considering whether to move to the school gymnasium or the parish hall for the next meeting, says daniel wehner.

"Even if the technical possibilities are better in the meeting room. With the current incidence figures, I can’t justify holding the meeting in the town hall", he emphasizes. The health of council members and guests has priority. "It’s a bit annoying. A lot of work has gone into the concept. If the incidence allows it, we probably want to bring it back to life."