The crash of the airfield plan for neida

The crash of the airfield plan for neida

No – thomas schreiner does not act like a rough winner in view of the approaching end for the plan to build an airfield at neida. The farmer, one of the main stakeholders of the air traffic project, is after the announcement of the possible combined solution (coburg/bamberg) and the continuation of air traffic on the brandenstein plane somewhere in the finding stage: "I can not believe everything yet so quite."

But the schreiners are also burnt children, as far as the fight against the traffic landing field is concerned. Two years ago, the farmer remembers, he thought "the thing was through": back then, in 2015, the northern bavarian air office publicly signaled to the project company that it would be better to withdraw its application for the zoning procedure. But because nothing happened then, the schreiners kept the champagne in the fridge for the time being on the monday after the planning realignment became known. "But of course we have talked about it a lot in the family circle", tells thomas schreiner.

The schreiner family has now written about the fact that the airfield destroyed their economic existence. In the current zoning procedure for the construction of an airfield near neida, a neutral expert has examined the effects on the schreiner farm on behalf of the northern bavarian aviation authority and confirmed on 60 pages: the farm would no longer be able to exist if a new airfield were built. In its present form it is absolutely, that is what the expert has also written.

No airfield, new opportunities

Thomas schreiner doesn’t even want to imagine what an airfield near neida would have meant for him. It was clear: "they had to relocate us." Whether his farm and butcher’s shop would survive? Thomas schreiner shrugs his shoulders and carefully uses the possible form of expression: "we would have been very happy if things had turned out the way they are now." Son tobias and girlfriend sabrina stand next to him and nod vigorously. They were the eighth generation of carpenters on the wiesenfeld farm and were invested in the future. The plans for the construction of a pigsty that meets animal welfare standards have been put on the back burner, and a 35 percent EU funding commitment for the construction is still valid until the end of 2018. Thomas schreiner hopes that this is why the new airfield near neida should have been scrapped as quickly as possible. Then he could get started.

The carpenters prefer to look forward, because looking back is associated with many unpleasant memories. "The whole dispute has left its mark, says thomas schreiner and remembers many moments when he simply felt helpless. "The power", the person he had sat opposite in the fight against the airfield project had sometimes been downright overwhelming. Not to mention the hardened fronts.

No gloating

Thomas schreiner does not want to claim a decisive role for himself in the end of the plan for neida, which is becoming more and more apparent. "Too many problems have shown the procedure at the end for the site, it is not about individuals. "No one can prevent such a project alone" – the farmer is grateful to his comrades-in-arms. If that were to happen, schreiner points to the still unchanged status of an ongoing planning approval process. Should they a letter of the air office "black on female" confirm that the case is closed, then the schreiners also want to get a bottle of champagne from the fridge and celebrate. Without gloating, thomas schreiner assures: "it won’t be a victory celebration, but a celebration of joy."