The next shopping market closes its doors

The food market close& good in volkach closes its doors. As was announced at the city council meeting on monday evening, the lights are going out at the successor store to the former delta (both edeka) due to inefficiency. The food market near& good in the dr.-eugen-schon-strabe 11 a is already the second supermarket within shortest time, which gives up its business operation. The retail company tegut is closing its supermarket in industriestrabe at the end of this month. After the opening of the new "volkacher mainschleife" shopping park the smaller grocery stores in the wine city are thus slowly but surely coming to the end of their rope.
In 2007, edeka had promised the city in writing that it would rebuild the former delta supermarket in dr.-eugen-schon-strabe at least with a reduced sales area for the basic range of groceries as nah& well continue to operate. The delta-markt and the comet-markt in the industriestrabe (both edeka) were dissolved and merged into the gross edeka-supermarket in the new shopping park. With nah& a smaller supermarket close to the old town, which was supposed to supply the population in the immediate vicinity with basic foodstuffs, remained in good condition. According to edeka and the kolb operating family, the actual acceptance by the population is now so low that the economic basis has long since ceased to exist. Edeka and kolb therefore asked the city of volkach to release them from the operator commitment made in 2007.
Mayor peter kornell (G) recalled that the former delta market was the "mercedes of our supermarkets" was. After its move to the shopping park, the question arose as to what should happen to the empty building. "The supply of local amenities, especially for the elderly, was an important topic, according to the head of the city. The promise by edeka to maintain this local supply in the area close to the city with a basic range of foodstuffs solved the problem for the time being.
In recent years, it has now become clear that customer frequency is too low. Kornell suggested that the edeka proposal be approved, because "no one can live by adding to it," he said. The mayor recalled his own experiences with loss-making municipal facilities such as the operation of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
Controversy arose in the council over the background to the closure of the nah& good and the question of guilt discussed. Holger scheidig (local spokesman for gaibach) saw it as the duty of the citizens, who were responsible for the development through their purchasing behavior. The behavior of edeka is quite understandable. Heiko bauerlein (CSU) also had a heart for the edeka proposal. The nah& in his opinion, gut has a "stepmotherly existence" guided. If the edeka company cannot operate profitably there, it can no longer be expected to run the store for much longer. "Better to stay than to let it go to waste", peter haupt (G) spoke clearly. Fresh meat and cheese have not been on offer at nah& for a long time well, he gave his experiences from the youngest time.
That the blame should not be placed solely on the shoulders of the customers, emphasized 3. Burgermeister gunter nicola (SPD). "The operator can also control this with his prices", he said. Nicola pointed out that some basic foodstuffs were up to 50 cents more expensive than in the new edeka supermarket in the shopping park. "Only with a bellyache" ingrid dusolt (burgerliste) wanted to agree to edeka's request to be released from the operator's commitment. "Apart from the most important basic foodstuffs, there was also a large selection of foodstuffs in the nah& well at the end anyway nothing more", dusolt knew.

Employees come under

When it came to voting on edeka's request, all council members were unanimous in the end and approved the proposal, mainly because the employees of the nah& good will do business at edeka in the new shopping park in the future.
If nah& well its shelves in the dr.-eugen-schon-strabe, the question arises as to the subsequent use of the building, which offers plenty of scope for speculation. According to mayor kornell, it has not yet been decided who will build the building in the dr.-eugen-schon-strabe moves in, including a rough parking lot. "We will accompany all developments in a positive way, auber a playing hall", said kornell. With gambling halls volkach is sufficiently supplied.