The world as poetic utopia

the world as poetic utopia

Udo langer’s fairy tale and musical rewards continue after some very successful productions with the origin story of "jules verne’s adventure" into a new round. A foretaste of what awaits the audience this fall was on display this weekend in the "menu&" series marchen" in baiersdorf.

Jules verne’s visionary abilities have made many things that seemed to belong to the realm of utopia and fantasy more than 100 years ago become reality in one way or another. Then as now, the world was at the dawn of a new age. At that time, it was the beginning of industrialization and an unbelievable belief in progress. Today, jules verne’s ingenious achievements such as steamers, snorting railroads and telegraphs are long outdated. Today we are at the beginning of industrialization 4.0. Jules verne was an extremely prolific writer during his lifetime, with 60 books published.

A book with a warning

At the center of udo langer’s youngest production is a book wrapped in blue tissue paper, which miraculously falls into the hands of three friends after 30 years – with the warning that when they open a chapter, they will already be in the middle of the story.

Udo langer’s core message in his latest production is also to convey values such as friendship, love and happiness. First stop of the three friends is greece. One of them, a son from a good family who never lacked money, always lived in an adapted way. An emotional croupel. "No love" heibt dazu der passenden song, mit dem langer diese botschaft nahebringen will.

Wonderful melodies

They are texts that express something with wonderful melodies that langer plays solo on the piano. In the fall, he will be joined by his band "klangfeder" in baiersdorf accompany. Preparations are currently underway for a multimedia sound experience. Since the visualization of his songs is also important to the composer, the shooting for the video production is currently underway.

Langer’s lyrics, paired with catchy music, are taken right from the heart of life. "Live the moment", is a message that is to be understood quite optimistically, because "maybe there are still years until the last moment".

For the "three course menu" is the kitchen of the "frankischer hof competent. A sumptuous salad with soup served in a cup is served as an appetizer. The dessert is just as opulent, consisting of ice cream, cookie and fruit salad, among other things. The main course is "leg of venison with madagascar sauce, buttered spatzle and mousetopfle".

The rich get richer and richer

Jules verne’s novel "around the world in 80 days" serves as the basis for the rest of the journey as a template. The journey takes us to bombay. Parallels become clear, for even in jules verne’s day there were gross social differences. Then as now, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In this respect, too, hardly anything seems to have changed.

When udo langer speaks of a "crazy old defiant politician", it is not a matter of fact when we speak of the current american president, many people immediately think of him. "But there are other politicians, the list is long", betrayal of the songwriters.

Three performances in the fall

At the end, hostess simone seidel, dressed as a tour guide in a colorful suit, hands out a small packet of zundholzer to each of the guests present, with which she wishes them many tinder ideas. Jules verne’s adventures" in the fall live with the band as a multimedia spectacle in burgkunstadt, bad staffelstein and erlangen.