Thulba residents discuss investment in their gymnasium

thulba residents discuss investment in their gymnasium

The community must invest a lot of money in the coming years in the provost community of thulba. This announced burgermeister gotthard schlereth (CSU/) in the well-attended burgerversammlung to. The 2.2 to 2.5 million euro renovation of the daycare center is pending, along with a change of use for the thulbatal hall. For this the first cost estimates are 550 000 euro. The reconstruction of the waterworks is already underway, the cost calculations for the project have now grown to 1.2 million euros.
The road "behind the wall" is also in a bad condition and a lot is also planned for the development of the town center. Here on the wish list are the improvement of the environment in the area of the former provostry and the renovation of the historic monastery wall. These were also topics that were discussed openly, lively and always fairly at the meeting.
The renovation of the thulbatal hall, which was built in 1976/77 with a great deal of the company's own work, was also the subject of lively discussion. Many were impressed by the first cost estimate. The previously pure gymnasium is to be converted into an official assembly hall. The hall is owned by the soccer club and the school club, but is also used as a school gymnasium. In the meeting it was considered very important for the preservation of social life in thulba.
"The figures that have now been mentioned are fresh and must be discussed, both in the association and in the local community. The changes in sports show that there must be more and more cooperation within the sports clubs, too," said the chairman of the FC, said the chairman of the FC, dietmar werner.
"We are currently in the middle of planning", schlereth referred to four variants for the daycare center, the cost estimates of which ranged from 2.2 to 2.5 million euros. In addition, the municipal council is discussing a new plan that envisages a three-group kindergarten on a plot of municipal land directly adjacent to the current buildings. The former kindergarten could then be used for events in the village community, as a parish hall and for senior citizens. Further it could serve the children as turnsaal.

Costs are still partly open
According to these ideas, the bookshop should be relocated to the staircase gable house. In the current area, it is bursting at the seams and the statics are causing concern due to the heavy load. "How much this new idea will cost remains to be seen. Before we determine that, we need to know what we want, and there is a joint planning the most important stage."
Pastor karl theodor mauer addressed the separation of church and community and suggested that the diocese be included in the planning process. According to the mayor, the st.Elisabethenverein carrier remain, even if on municipality property new is built.
Herbert frohlich spoke up in the discussion: "with all the renovations and improvements we must not forget our roads"." Not every old cellar has to be renovated. It is important to set priorities here. Against 23.30 o'clock said the 2. Mayor and local representative manfred manger that many things had been addressed, they would take care of the proposals in the municipal council. Mayor schlereth thanked burghers, clubs and organizations for their support.