Top 5 effects of utilizing AI in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the digital marketing landscape. It drives more data to digital marketing and making centric customers. This article shows 5 cases of utilizing AI in digital marketing. It also shows how companies can use AI to deliver faster and more services to their customers.

AI has formed the way marketers and brands communicate with customers. Digital marketing will be great data-driven and customer-centric.AI enables you to understand everything about data, feedback, and marketing types that you can use to power your marketing campaigns.

The relation between AI and digital marketing in 5 cases:

  1. AI chatbots
  2. Personalized emails
  3. Sentiment analysis and trend analysis
  4. Content creation and distribution
  5. Product recommendation

1- Utilizing AI chatbots in digital marketing

Organizations use AI chatbots to automate responses and respond to customers’ needs. They provide faster and more active customer service. Chatbots also help optimize the user experience by helping them with a 24/7 service and providing quick solutions to routine problems.

Besides responding to customer support, chatbots provide you with other benefits. They collect browsing data from customers for what they are looking for. Also, they help to monitor customer buying behavior.

Chatbots help consumers find the items they are looking for. The consumers ask more questions that will aid them in their purchasing decisions. These questions help them make up their minds by suggesting more relevant products or services.

The highly focused, welcoming, and fast-paced aspect of chatbots not only helps customers with their questions. It also drives them down the sales funnel.

2- Utilizing AI in digital marketing by sending personalized emails

As the trend shifts towards more personalized solutions adapted to individual needs, AI can enable advertisers to categorize individuals based on their preferred choices.

AI can help digital marketers by creating targeted campaigns for a certain category and writing strategies. This depends on consumer behavior that will allow them to send more personalized emails, increase click-through rates, and engagement.

Machine learning can analyze millions of pieces of data. It shows the best time to contact the customer when to buy. Besides the recommended frequency of those emails.

AI offers specific offers throughout a customer’s purchasing journey to support their purchasing decisions.

For example, if I sell watches online and see a customer browsing the fitness bracelet catalog. AI can help me get specific newsletters, such as “5 reasons why fitness bracelets can help you with your training routine”. Targeted offers generate more purchases and increase conversions. For example, “20% discount on fitness wristbands for the next 12 hours”

3- Trend analysis and sentiment analysis

Marketers can spot micro-patterns and even predict trends using AI technology. The trend analysis can then make strategic decisions about which target groups should be targeted. Also which content should be provided and where advertising money should be spent.

Sentiment analytics is used for analyzing social media. It analyzes what the public thinks about the products and services you offer. Sentiment analytics is part of a social listening strategy. This strategy tracks mentions and comments on social media posts. It analyzes the campaign’s performance and your competitors.

For example, KFC used sentiment analysis to research topics for new campaign ideas. The result was creating pop culture references which increased user engagement.

4- Creation and distribution of content

Content is considered the core of digital marketing. Digital marketers make great efforts to create valuable content. Thus the digital marketers can provide for their customers. It can take both time and effort. Using AI can create simple content in minutes.

AI can also help make content more specific and targeted so that the audience can read it. Also creating email subject lines, social media posts, and more.

Churn prediction is a famous method for identifying rejected customers. This method provides those customers with personalized content to convince them. AI can pick the content that is most likely to appeal to a certain audience and automatically select the right channel to deliver.

For example, suppose the customer is browsing your website and you want to view a watch discount program. In this case, the AI cannot just generate this ad. It can analyze which medium of mobile ads and social media ads. Or display ads that are most likely to convince customers to buy.

5- Product recommendation

Analyzing the websites a customer has visited, the blog posts they read. Besides the e-mails, they communicated with. AI can organize certain product recommendations. Ecommerce sites use product recommendations too often.

But, as a software provider, you can recommend the best one. You can recommend the most useful functionality, relying on the customer’s application. A recommendation system can increase conversions and retain customers. It improves customer service and increases profits by meeting customer needs and expectations.

For example, Macy’s man app allows consumers to upload a photo of an item and search Macy’s inventory for similar things. It can improve the customer experience. Also, it recommends good products to help them on their shopping journey.


AI is changing digital marketing to capture, evaluate, apply and act on data. Using AI in your digital marketing strategy can help your business deliver faster. Or, targeted solutions by controlling the ability of AI to increase conversions based on data-driven insights.

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