What doctors have told us so far about trump’s covid illness

What doctors have told us so far about trump's covid illness

Donald trump’s personal physician on saturday gave a positive assessment of the president’s health after the corona infection. At the same time, his statements raised questions about, among other things, the timing of the diagnosis.

When did the u.S. President test positive for the coronavirus??

Trump himself announced his coronavirus test on thursday evening (local time) and the positive result shortly before 01.00 o’clock on friday night. However, his doctor, sean conley, suddenly said on saturday afternoon that the diagnosis had been made 72 hours ago. That was pointed to the wednesday. When asked by reporters when trump tested positive, conley said, "on thursday afternoon, after learning of a close contact and clinical indications and a little more concern, we did a repeat test." He did not specify what the "clinical indications" were.

In addition, another doctor said that the president had received an anti-corper drug about 48 hours ago – that was meant thursday afternoon, so even before the test of which the president spoke. After the testimony raised massive questions, the weibe haus circulated a written statement from the body’s doctor clarifying that the times of 72 and 48 hours were incorrect and simply meant the third and second days respectively. "The president was first introduced to covid-19 on the evening of thursday, 1. October, and was given the first anticorper cocktail of regeneron on friday, october 2. October," he concluded.

Why is the question of time important?

On wednesday, trump attended a meeting with donors in minnesota and made a campaign appearance in front of several thousand supporters. On thursday he flew to a meeting with donors in new jersey. If he had done all this knowing that he had tested positive, that would have been extremely irresponsible, because you have to assume that you are highly contagious at this stage.

When did trump have his last negative corona test??

To this conley did not want to be aubern. Also little to the question of when trump could have been infected.

Did trump need additional oxygen supply??

Here conley gave evasive answers. "He’s not getting any extra oxygen now," he kept insisting. After several inquiries from reporters, the bodily physician said that trump had also not been given oxygen on thursday – and "yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he was not on an oxygen supply". With this, he expressly left open the possibility that trump could have gotten extra oxygen in the weiben house on friday morning.

The "new york times" reported afterwards, citing two sources close to the weiben house, that trump had had breathing problems on friday and that his sour stools had dropped. This prompted the doctors to give him additional oxygen and transfer him to walter reed hospital.

Why is this an important question?

Covid-19 can attack the lungs, affecting the body’s oxygen supply. That’s why doctors first counteract such cases with the supply of additional oxygen. Currently the oxygen saturation of the blood is at 96 percent, said conley. He did not answer the question whether the president had lung damage and whether he was being treated with steroids.

Has trump fever?

Not anymore, says his doctor. Trump had a high temperature "from thursday to friday", but since friday morning he has been free of fever. The coroner would not say how high trump’s fever was.