Bolton wants to stop lawsuit against book publication

Bolton wants to stop lawsuit against book publication

In the controversy over his book containing accusations against U.S. President donald trump, former national security adviser john bolton is now going on the offensive.

In federal court on thursday (local time), the former trump confidant moved to dismiss the justice department’s request for a preliminary injunction against publication of the book. Bolton truncates himself in the motion, according to a report in "politico" magazine, on the freedom of speech enshrined in the u.S. Constitution.

The ex-counselor also pointed out that more than 200.000 copies have already been shipped – even before the book’s official publication date on 23. June. This means that it is too late to prevent publication anyway. Moreover, he had made sure in advance that the information was no longer classified as secret. According to CNN, the judge in charge of the case, royce lamberth, will hold a hearing this friday to decide whether the publication will be stopped.

The U.S. Government wants to stop the publication of "the room where it happened" because bolton is spreading secret information in it and thus endangering national security. The court is to prohibit publication until a review by the national security council, which is affiliated with the weibe house, has been completed.

For the 600-page book, bolton is to receive an order from the publishing house simon& shoemaker received about two million dollars (1.8 million euros). Trump had fired his national security adviser last september. This announced already at that time to present in due time its view of the things. The 71-year-old had worked with trump for a year and a half. Bolton has previously worked for other republican presidents.

In previously leaked passages, bolton describes the current president as a politician who puts his own interests ahead of those of the country. Trump even reportedly asked china’s president xi jinping for help in the U.S. Election this november.

Trump called the book a "compilation of lies and made-up stories". Bolton also said on ABC television that trump is not fit to be president. "I don’t think he has the competence to do the job."

Book also brings trump’s actions in ukraine affair back into the public eye. The washington post wrote that the ex-security adviser did not take a clear position on whether the affair should have led to his impeachment. But he leaves no doubt that he considers the president’s action politically motivated and wrong.

Trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine already approved by congress in order to pressure kiev into investigating joe biden, his likely democratic party rival in the november election. The house of representatives wanted to remove trump from office. The republican-controlled senate acquitted the president in early february.

Criticism of the book also came from eagle secretary mike pompeo and treasury secretary steven mnuchin. Pompeo wrote on twitter on thursday night (local time): "it is both sad and dangerous that john bolton’s last public role is that of a traitor who harmed america." He added: "to our friends around the world: they know that president trump’s america is a force for good in the world." Mnuchin fondly declares: "the excerpts i read from john bolton’s book were full of lies and factual inaccuracies".