City seeks space for business

A new commercial area will probably be built in the aschbach district of schlusselfeld. The land to the west of the frankenstolz company is in the spotlight. As a first step, the city wants to have the site assessed for its suitability by an engineering firm.

The loser was probably a letter from the aschbach-based construction company seeger, which was on the table for the council members at the meeting. The company, which has around 40 employees and is located in the waldstrabe area of aschbach, is looking for suitable storage space and halls to expand. Apparently, the company is already in talks with owners and now sees the possibility of acquiring land.

No more vacant lots

The site plan attached to the letter, however, shows two almost independent areas. Taken on their own, they didn’t seem to city council members to be much of a fit for a commercial zoning designation. "We want to think more broadly, said mayor johannes krapp in an interview with the FT. Because not only in aschbach, but also in schlusselfeld, the city no longer had any industrial sites that it could offer to potential buyers.

Suitability is tested

According to a city council resolution, the committee is "fundamentally positive" about the application from the aschbach construction company to. Now a bamberger stadteplanungsburo is to examine the land, which is currently still in the eaves area, for its suitability. According to the mayor, the assessment should also include the possibilities of development and the issues of immission control. If the test results are positive, the land-use plan for the site, which is located in the eaves area, will have to be changed and a development plan will have to be drawn up.