No arm protection on the a 7

No arm protection on the a 7

There was a great deal of interest in the first of five castle meetings, at which castle mayor karlheinz kickuth presented a comprehensive report in the schutzenheim.
Although there have been talks about the protection of larm on the autobahn, the federal authorities do not see any need for action, according to karlheinz kickuth. The municipality had to finance the construction work itself.
The rejuvenation of the three existing freeway bridges, on the other hand, was currently being tested. The necessity of concrete replacements could not be judged conclusively yet. In this context, kickuth also addressed the issue of noise protection on the B 287 and the kreisstrabe 37 near langendorf, which still requires clarification.

Wall at the multi-generation square

Kickuth said that according to the authorities, the traffic load on the elfershausen section of the freeway had hardly changed. The mayor explained to the astonished listeners that payments had even shown a slight decline. Even with a six-lane expansion of the autobahn and a new bridge construction, larm protection walls or ramparts were not feasible due to legal regulations.
Criticism was voiced about the multigenerational square. The site, which was opened in april 2017, was under water by the end of the year due to persistent rainfall, causing considerable damage. To prevent this in the future, a higher protective wall is needed at the shore zones. Foreign material, which the authorities had not allowed in the initial planning, should prevent flooding of the square in the future. Ingo graser asked who would pay for the overhaul, but was not told, as it was decided in a closed session.
This challenged the criticism of alfons schmitt, who said: "no one takes responsibility". Kickuth disagreed. He referred to the planning prepared by the water management office and the government, which was implemented as follows. However, the storage material was not enough to build higher dams. This is now to be made up with the approval of the authorities.
Also for the renovation of the old school building and its transformation into a "house of associations critical questions were asked to the mayor. Angelika kohlhepp doubts that a house is necessary for the increasing number of clubs in elfershausen. "The renovation costs a lot of money. Can’t the clubs be accommodated elsewhere??", she asked.
Kickuth agreed that the mabnahme is expensive, but that this is mainly due to fire protection. But the building, whose renovation will begin after easter, is "a piece of local history" and belongs to the ensemble church-school-parsonage, the former center of the village, he argued.
In the area of the "rosenhugel the community wants to preserve the gewolbekeller after demolition of a building. In the opinion of herbert edelmann, this is not sensible. "Once the roof is missing, the cellar becomes damp." Kickuth clarified that the cellar was parallel to the property line of a neighbor’s house, which could be damaged when the cellar was demolished. "The barrel vault needs to be secured. For this a statics is necessary", he defended the mabnahme.
In general, angelika kohlhepp denied the purchase of land and houses "for which the municipality had no use". The mayor said that the situation was different in the past. "Nevertheless, we can use the property ourselves or lease it out", he stated.

30 building sites

To the prominent tree removals in the district elferhausen pays the residential and mixed area "trimberger weg". This is where the development work began last year. The new residential area has 30 building sites, in the mixed area six commercial sites are buildable. This is also where the new fire station is being built. The erschliebung should be ready at the end of 2018.