Parents under pressure: restricted vacation pass because of corona

parents under pressure: restricted vacation pass because of corona

Many parents were exposed to additional burdens during the last weeks due to the corona crisis, because they had to teach their children at home and sometimes even had to sacrifice their annual leave for this purpose. Now the summer vacations are just around the corner, and the next test of endurance is already waiting for the parents. Because a vacation program, as it is normally offered by many towns and communities in the summer, cannot take place this year.

Despite this, the facilities in the district have gone to great lengths to put on an exciting program and thus relieve the parents, at least in part. Julia kubitzek from the youth center in marktbreit reports that the hat village, in which up to 90 children build several wooden hats themselves during the summer vacations, will unfortunately have to be cancelled this year. But there will still be a vacation pass with smaller activities, such as project days on africa, asia or europe. Registration is done through the youth center in marktbreit.

No food or drinks

"We have worked out a hygiene plan for this", reports kubitzek. However, events that have to do with cooking or baking are not possible, nor is a food or beverage distribution service. The vacation pass has also been agreed with the mayor, because kubitzek does not want to be at the center of a corona outbreak under any circumstances. "The parents wanted even more programs", the social pedagogue from the youth center in marktbreit reports.

"The bottom line is to do the best for the children, corona or not."Anna kreisel, youth work of the city of dettelbach

In iphofen, too, registration for the vacation pass is already underway, although it has been very slow so far. "Last year we sold 198 passes; this year we’ve only sold 30", reports aylin ruttinger from the city of iphofen. They have already had to cancel some events there because the organizers have said that it doesn’t make sense in corona times. And even the events that have been planned so far could be cancelled at short notice. "We have emphasized everywhere that there is no guarantee for the vacation pass actions", stresses ruttinger with a view to a possible second wave.

Some activities, such as the very popular blacksmithing, can only be offered for four people. Instead, they have tried to find alternatives in the fresh air in iphofen. Among other things, a scavenger hunt through iphofen and a trip to the zoo in nurnberg are planned.

Guidelines from the bavarian youth ring

The vacation pass in kitzingen usually includes free admission to the kitzingen open-air swimming pool in addition to a lightly-discounted program. Whether this will also work in the corona year 2020 is currently still open. Among the highlights were a visit to the climbing forest in rothenburg ob der tauber and the soccer camp. Many offers are already fully booked, but there are still places available, especially in the older age groups. On the homepage of the youth work the free places are to be found. "We have also developed a hygiene concept with distance rules", explains stefanie loffler from the youth work kitzingen.

In the municipality of dettelbach the sale of the vacation passport begins only on friday. "We have adapted the program to corona", anna kreisel from the city reports. She had to cancel the children’s camp in thuringia and the youth camp in rhon. But nevertheless they have put together a nice vacation program. "Fortunately there are guidelines from the bayerischer jugendring, which we can follow", kreisel explains, "because the bottom line is to do what’s best for the children, corona or not."