How to keep the hormones in balance

How to keep the hormones in balance

Headaches, hot flashes, joint pain – there is hardly a woman in menopause who doesn’t sigh knowingly at these symptoms. Hormonal yoga promises to counteract these complaints in a natural way. Since january, the "a4plus-course-studio" has been offering such a course is offered in hochstadt.

Trainer kathrin sossna, who learned a lot about this special type of yoga during a further training course, explains: "yoga is generally about working on the organism as a whole and creating a balance. Hormone yoga, however, specifically targets the balance of the hormone system." Here, classical yoga exercises, so-called asanas, were combined with the "bhastrika"-breathing combined. "Bhastrika" is sanskrit and means as much as bellows. Breathing in and out is like lifting and lowering a bellows.

"The energy generated by this fast, powerful breathing is bundled and directed towards the hormone-forming systems", explains sossna. This energetic form of yoga is not only for women going through menopause, but also for women with menstrual problems, cysts or hypothyroidism and for women who have problems getting pregnant. Men with hormonal imbalances could also benefit from hormone yoga.

Positive feedback

But beware: "hormone yoga is not advisable for people with hormone-related diseases or certain medical conditions, such as endomitriosis, thyroid hyperfunction or myomas.", warns sossna. In individual cases, it makes sense to consult a doctor.

The feedback from the course participants is consistently positive. "You take time for yourself, pay more attention to your body and your breathing", says katja dengler from hochstadt. "Yes, you are just more relaxed", add the other course participants.

Whether the exercises have also had an effect on their hormone balance is something they are not yet able to say. In order to bring about changes in this respect, the exercises should be carried out as often as possible every day. According to sossna, the course is an instruction for practicing in your own four walls. "You have to stick with it and get involved with it."

But then it can be worthwhile: the founder of hormone yoga, the brazilian dinah rodrigues, conducted a study in 1993 to scientifically substantiate the effect of this type of yoga. She proved that regular practice can raise hormone levels by up to 200 percent.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can do so from the 3rd quarter of the season. April do. Then the next hormone yoga course starts in the "a4plus course studio, for which there are still places available.