Eltmanners want to make amends at home

Since top-ranked TSV knetzgau is taking a break, FC sand II was able to close the gap in the title fight of the fubball-kreisliga schweinfurt 2 with a three-goal win in rothlein.
Relatively relaxed can approach both the TV konigsberg and the TSV westheim their meeting. While the promoted TVK still needs one or the other point for the safe class preservation, but is no longer seriously endangered, the already relegated guests around coach werner robler want to say goodbye with proper performances. – in order to put TSV knetzgau under pressure right to the end, FC sand II, the team chasing them, does not want to give itself any more blob in the final spurt of the season and clearly decides its away game at FC rothlein/schwebheim for itself. After the currently third-best away team and the best return team in the league recently achieved clear away victories, the almost-relegated team should not be too much of a hurdle. – with a seven-point gap to second place in the table and a nine-point lead over fourth place, the 1. FC habfurt's only focus in the last four games of the season will probably be to deliver good games and do as well as possible. With a home win against FT schweinfurt II, the fclers would at the same time do a great favor to TSV prappach, which is currently fighting most fiercely with schweinfurt for the first non-relegation spot. – TSV prappach could take the step towards a non-relegation spot if it wins its home game against jahn schweinfurt and the
1. FC habfurt the FT schweinfurt II defeats. Because the guests in their last two auswartsauftritte conceded 15 goals against and even only once "in the black" have hit, the prappacher go with much hope into this enormously important game and want to land the fourth home victory. – SG sennfeld does not want to slip up again if it is to finish fourth in the table. FC neubrunn, on the other hand, which has also secured a place, could make up at least one more place and therefore wants to take home at least one payer, as it did in the goalless draw in the previous round. – coach detlef pfister was also very upset by the heavy defeat at FC sand II, which is why he hopes to make amends in his SG eltmann's home game against TV obertheres. Since the wallburgstadter won however only one of their last five home games, count themselves the auswarts so far five times successful tvler good chances out. – against the TV habfurt, keeper peter trautner and co. To bring the class preservation for the SV rapid ebelsbach also arithmetically finally under roof and fach bring. But since the "gymnasts" the spectators can look forward to what is sure to be an exciting battle.