Music school soon to teach in neubrunn

The preparations are done, the training rooms are available, the costs are covered. This means that a branch of the ebern music school will start work in neubrunn in the near future.
At an information meeting in the "gasthaus am berg the director of the music school, christian baum, explained the modalities of training. The meeting was also attended by chairman roland gehring from kirchlauter (habbergkapelle) and second mayor reinhold stor for the municipality of kirchlauter.
Christian baum introduced himself briefly: he studied trumpet and conducting in switzerland, where he also spent several years professionally. He has been back in france since 2012. After conducting in ebern, he founded "luftgefluster, where music was made palatable to schoolchildren. After he was offered the directorship of the music school in ebern, the number of young musicians rose to between 500 and 600 at present.
As baum further explained, the lessons also go out to kindergartens and elementary school. "The children should have time to get to know the music and the instruments and to choose the right one."

Enormous relief for the parents

The costs for kindergarten and elementary school are covered by the municipality of kirchlauter. The training room in the neubrunn school is also provided by the municipality.
It is an enormous relief for parents if their children are educated in neubrunn. This means for them short distances and a lot of time saving. As baum explained, there are enough school instruments available that can be borrowed. The costs for it amounted to twelve to 16 euros per month.
As for the lessons themselves, baum said: "we will always teach in groups. It makes sense and is better for schools to play together from the beginning of their education until they join a band."
What baum especially liked is that the neubrunn village musicians do a lot of advertising for the music school: "you don’t find that in many other bands by far like here."
The chairman of the village musicians, rainer stretz, thanked baum for the information. "I think we are on a very good way to bring young people to music."
Music education by experienced teachers is to start in neubrunn at the beginning of the new school year. Questions about the lessons, the costs, etc. Will be answered by chairman rainer stretz or secretary simone holzmann.