Biodiversity center: location probably bischofsheim

Biodiversity center: location probably bischofsheim

There were only a few words, and they were spoken on the fringes of the public discussion that bavaria's environment minister marcel held with his hessian and thuringian colleagues priska hinz and anja siegesmund at the ceremony marking the official presentation of the new framework concept in the town hall of gersfeld in front of several hundred guests. A new environmental education facility will be built in bad kissingen as part of bavaria's nature offensive, the minister first announced. Then, however, the words were spoken that the free state should also establish a "biodiversity center in rhongrabfeld" on the scientific accompaniment on the subject of the demand for biodiversity will be put on the way.

Completely surprised

Even if some insiders were completely surprised, this was obviously not a promise. After the event, minister huber confirmed in response to a question from this editorial team that the science facility announced by markus soder in his government declaration, for which municipalities in the district of bad kissingen also had hopes – the city of munich had most recently officially applied for it – is to be located in rhon-grabfeld.

District administrator thomas habermann was pleased with the minister's surprise announcement. He had already suggested rhon-grabfeld, and in particular bischofsheim, as a location beforehand. It is important, says habermann, that the question of location is clarified as early as possible, then the content can be worked on.

"The stake has now been driven in", an equally satisfied oberelsbach mayor birgit erb commented on the recent development. With thomas habermann she was united in the estimation that this determination was logical. It is now important to determine the content of the biodiversity center's design.

Highest biodiversity

With the decision in favor of rhon-grabfeld, the location bischofsheim is also fixed for her, the oberelsbach mayor further stated. This also makes sense. After all, next to oberelsbach, bischofsheim has the highest biodiversity in the bavarian part of the biosphere reserve. Erb was not alone in her view that bischofsheim should now become the site of the new center. Various local politicians and experts confirmed on the fringes of the event that only bischofsheim could be considered as a location for the new facility in rhon-grabfeld.

Joy in bischofsheim

Bischofsheim's mayor was both surprised and pleased by the minister's announcement. Of course, we will have to wait and see whether all this "solidifies" said seiffert, but that he was now very confident. First of all, district administrator thomas habermann had set the "first peg" with his vote for bischofsheim the minister now also for him completely surprisingly the second.
Of course, according to seiffert, some thought had already been given to various options for where such a center could be built. Before further considerations can be made, it must first be determined what a biodiversity center should look like, what its requirements should be, and what its scope should be.

And what says murscht?

"I have already made it clear that other municipalities that have been working in the biosphere reserve for years have a better chance than we do, says munnerstadt mayor helmut blank (CSU) about it. Munnerstadt is not yet a member of the rhon biosphere reserve. It was only on monday that the city council unanimously decided to apply as well. But helmut blank has not yet given up hope completely. He refers to a conversation last week at the district office. He considers it necessary to join. But it is up to the city council to decide.