Fire station takes shape

fire station takes shape

The breakthrough in the planning of the fire station seems to have been achieved. In a special meeting on the topic, which had been simmering for two years, and after several rescheduling sessions, site inspections, and debates about wishes and costs, the parties involved – the mayor with the municipal council, the volunteer fire department, and the working group – reached a consensus.

Castle courtyard much too small

It should clear the way for the changed, final planning and the following procedure in the next council meeting at the end of the month. The necessity of the new building, which will be built on the "trimberger weg" the new building was accepted by all from the beginning, because the corset in the castle courtyard had long been too small and no longer fit for the times.

The presentation of the voluntary fire department under commander dominik roth and chairman berthold neeb was a modern, functional fire station, which can exist also in the next decades. The price calculated by the architect’s office albert was 2.13 million euros. This sum was considered too high by mayor karlheinz kickuth and most of the councillors, especially since the market had to take out a loan for it.

In order to save costs, kickuth himself calculated a "slimmed down" design sample a total price of 1.7 million euros. A further calculation by alberts, taking into account the changes, resulted in the sum of 1.78 million euro. In the debate followed a calculation with a pointed pen. Do we need two showers or one? Must be a complete second floor over the vehicle hall? Does the fire department contribute its own work, for example in the form of excavation work??

Alexander albert presented the floor plan with a single-story structure. In it, the social building is to be connected to the vehicle hall with a roof that can be dragged along. From regrouping and compression in the social building he expected further reduction of costs. Ladies’ and handicapped toilets could be combined. Workshop, clothing room, cleaning and drying rooms should be located in the vehicle hall.

Whether part of the vehicle hall will get a covered storage room is still up in the air. It was "wasted space", this mabnahme was out of the question, said roth. "With belly ache" the commander agreed to a reduction in cleaning opportunities. According to him, the cleaning in the geratehaus was important because of contaminations with smoke and rub.

Second mayor jurgen englert urged that the final planning phase should finally begin. "We, the community, are responsible for the new building – now and not in 2020", he underlined. Bernd buttner considered it positive that the fire department is going along with the proposed path. He recommended moving the building a little to the rear and merging the asphalted areas for the training ground, which, according to roth, is not permitted.

The reduction of the trench width from 6.50 meters requested by buttner is also not possible according to the specifications, according to albert. On the other hand, a shower that can be accessed from both sides is feasible. Walter schmitt suggested a false ceiling under the roof, which could also be installed later. However, alfons hausmann believes that the plan is "a minimal solution". Fire department association chairman berthold neeb declared himself "basically in agreement with the concept, but made a few more suggestions. So under the vehicles drainage channels should be taken into account. For the technical room, he recommended a separate entrance to the house. The installation of a wooden ceiling and a stand construction under the towed roof could be an own contribution of the fire brigade. The relocation of the kitchen to the other end of the social wing makes sense and is likely to be adopted. Roth’s proposal to install mobile partition walls in the training and meeting room was also allowed consideration. The decision to change the plan – presumably for the last time – was made after just under two hours with great courage.