Kupser trainer patrick schneider misses the consistency

Kupser trainer patrick schneider misses the consistency

The battle for the top spot in the second division is increasingly becoming a neck-and-neck race between FC altenkunstadt/woffendorf and vfr johannisthal. Only the schwabthaler SV was able to keep up after the clear 6:1 home victory last weekend in the chasing duel against the SSV ober-/unterlangenstadt: with one game less, the schwabthaler are four numbers behind the second in the table from johannisthal.

From this trio, the table leaders from altenkunstadt/woffendorf on 12. The schwabthal team has the toughest task in front of them on the sixth matchday – they have to play the sixth-placed team in the table, spvgg isling. Johannisthal faces SV fischbach, second from last in the table, while the schwabthaler play against SG roth-main.

FC kronach, which has been struggling lately, achieved a 3-0 win over baiersdorf last weekend and will host TSV kups this time. TSV also won 3-0 against spvgg isling the previous week, but expects a difficult game against the kronachers. "I think anything can happen again in this game. But when we call on our potential, every team has a hard time against us. The problem here is simply consistency", kupser player-coach patrick schneider addresses the rollercoaster ride of the past weeks.

Mixed first third

TSV kups currently lies in seventh place in the secure midfield of the league. However, in the last few weeks it was hop or top with schneider and his team: defeat followed victory, followed defeat, followed victory. "From our point of view, the first third of the season was very mixed", schneider therefore concludes logically. If you want to finish higher than seventh, you have to be consistent, and schneider knows that only too well.

"On a good day, we’re a team that can beat any team", schneider is convinced of the team’s capabilities. "But there are also other days. We simply lack consistency here." At least, the last match against roth-main was won by the kups. A good omen and the starting shot for a series of successes?