Murder of student in freiburg: picture of horror – witness describes night of the crime

Murder of student in freiburg: picture of horror - witness describes night of the crime

After the sexual murder of a 19-year-old student in freiburg, the investigators at the crime scene were confronted with a picture of horror. There were visible signs of violence, a police forensic expert told the freiburg regional court on thursday. The body was lying almost undressed in the water of the river dreisam, panties and jeans were lying on the shore.

The defendant in the trial is a young fugitive. Hussein K. Admitted to raping and killing student in freiburg last october. He is accused of murder and aggravated rape. Police found his body traces at the crime scene. A verdict is expected in december.

Camera footage and hair sample as evidence

A steep embankment had been trampled down near the scene of the crime, said the forensic scientist who was one of the first officers on the scene at the time. Investigators believe that hussein K. Waylaid his victim and then dragged him down the bosque to the river. This area was not visible from the nearby bike path, the official said. The student had been on her way home from a student party at night when she became the victim of the crime.

The young woman drowned in the low water of the river. Hussein K. Was arrested seven weeks after the crime. In the bushes forensic experts found a hair of him, in addition, recordings of a surveillance camera in a tram showed him.

Murder trial: defendant hussein K. Apologizes
"it was a beautiful october night", recalled a cyclist who was riding past the scene of the crime at the time of the incident. He had not seen or heard anything. He only noticed a bicycle lying on the side of the road. Traces of hussein K were later found on this bike, according to reports. Found.

One of the issues at stake in the trial is how old the man standing before the juvenile court is in fact. This will also have an impact on the severity of the punishment. He himself had claimed to have been 17 years old at the time of the crime. At the start of the trial in early september, however, he admitted to having lied and to being old. How old, he did not say. He did not have any official documents with him when he entered germany in november 2015.

Continuation on tuesday

The public prosecutor's office stops hussein K. Fur at least 22 years old. Two expert opinions are supposed to prove this. They are to be heard in november, said a court spokesman. A former friend of the accused testified in court on thursday, hussein K. Had his age against him with 24 indicated.

The trial continues on tuesday. Then the foster father of the accused is to be heard. With his status as an unaccompanied minor refugee, hussein K has been living with his family for 25 years. In freiburg until his arrest in december last year with a foster family.