Ps chase through grunanlage: vettel hopes for pole in monza

ps chase through grunanlage: vettel hopes for pole in monza

Ferrari-land hopes for pole position for sebastian vettel. The four-time formula 1 world champion would like to scare the tifosi in the qualifying for the italian grand prix on saturday by taking first place on the grid.

Vettel was not entirely satisfied with his third place in friday’s practice session at koniglichen park. "We’re not where we can be yet," the 30-year-old said of his car’s balance, stability and braking before the chase through the grunanlage.

Vettel has won three times so far on the high-speed circuit outside milan. But not yet as a ferrari driver. The last scuderia driver to give the fans of the "red goddess" a home victory was fernando alonso in 2010. Last german race winner in the red overall was michael schumacher 2006.

Two home opportunities for the vce

Two home opportunities for the vce

The oshino volleys of the VC eltmann are challenged twice this weekend. In the battle for the championship in the 2. Volleyball league sud await you on saturday (19.30 o’clock) the TSV unterhaching II in the georg-schafer-hall, and on sunday (16 o’clock) the team of the volleyball-boarding-school frankfurt is guest at the last year’s champion.

Unterhaching lost last

Eltmann’s manager rolf werner summed up after the first leg in unterhaching at the start of the season: "actually, i thought we could avoid the tiebreak after leading so clearly in the middle part of the fourth set." But it was exciting once again, and at the time it was a battle victory, because unterhaching fought back to the very last. Now the hachinger guest on saturday in eltmann and come with a 0:3 (19:25, 21:25, 15:25) – defeat against schwaig in the pack to unterfranken.
The oshino volleys have regained their self-confidence after a hard-fought victory in delitzsch, and veteran chris nowak was able to return on saturday. The fans, not only the red baron fan club, hope for a fighting attitude from the entire team.
This will probably also be in demand on sunday, when the talents of the frankfurt boarding school are guests in eltmann at 4 p.M. The young frankfurter of trainer matus kalny are to be estimated stronger than those from friedrichshafen. They’ve already won a few and are currently the tiebreaker contenders in 2. Liga sud with six funf set games.
The guests have players with them who can have a real say in the men’s game. They have beaten mainz and leipzig, and if their opponents do not manage to put pressure on their play, they will not be so easily shaken off.
But of course the eltmanners, who beat the frankfurters 3:1 in the season opener, are favorites in both games. Fans, sponsors and the board expect two committed games from the reigning champions and two home victories, which are also necessary to stay on the ball in the fight to win the title again.
VC eltmann: richter, kessel, nowak, engel, peta, kolbe, kruger, kellermann, schmitt, nurnberger, spath, werner, bibrack rome

Barriers are dismantled

barriers are dismantled

Slowly, little by little, more and more children and parents gather at the bus station in erlangen. When everyone is there, it's off to obertrubach. Experience, fun and games are on the program of this year's "inclusive experience week" of the erlangen-hochstadt district youth association and the erlangen lifesupport organization.
The colorful group of children with and without disabilities experienced for five days that it is possible to break down barriers, to have fun together, to solve numerous tasks and to overcome adventures.
The senses were used to feel the forest floor, noises were perceived and a personal noise map was drawn up, and the forest was viewed from various perspectives. For the very brave, their balance was tested on a slackline and their noses were put to the test by various smells from nature. Fire, water, air and earth: the group, hungry for experience, took on experiments on the four elements. Among other things, she was allowed to "play" with fire and using a fire stick to make material burn, blowing a walnut boat through a water-filled tub past obstacles or conjuring an egg into a bottle.

Three lynxes in the park

It went wild at the day trip to hundshaupten. In the wildlife park, the group encountered hanged pigs, bison, elk and wolves, and some had a good romp on the trampoline. But the highlight was the feeding of lissi, sissi and lilli, the three lynxes.
Of course, a creative and active olympiad is a must during an adventure week. All children mastered the disciplines of baking bread on an open fire, batik, creating forest spirits and a wheelchair course with flying colors. The evening was rounded off with the presentation of certificates, before the children returned to erlangen the next day.

How to keep the hormones in balance

How to keep the hormones in balance

Headaches, hot flashes, joint pain – there is hardly a woman in menopause who doesn’t sigh knowingly at these symptoms. Hormonal yoga promises to counteract these complaints in a natural way. Since january, the "a4plus-course-studio" has been offering such a course is offered in hochstadt.

Trainer kathrin sossna, who learned a lot about this special type of yoga during a further training course, explains: "yoga is generally about working on the organism as a whole and creating a balance. Hormone yoga, however, specifically targets the balance of the hormone system." Here, classical yoga exercises, so-called asanas, were combined with the "bhastrika"-breathing combined. "Bhastrika" is sanskrit and means as much as bellows. Breathing in and out is like lifting and lowering a bellows.

"The energy generated by this fast, powerful breathing is bundled and directed towards the hormone-forming systems", explains sossna. This energetic form of yoga is not only for women going through menopause, but also for women with menstrual problems, cysts or hypothyroidism and for women who have problems getting pregnant. Men with hormonal imbalances could also benefit from hormone yoga.

“Saugeil”, this oberleiterbach!

And suddenly the whole village is singing along with the evaluation committee: joseph victor von scheffel’s "wohlauf die luft", affectionately also frankenhymne" the topics are varied, for example the food scandals of the past decades, which are also known in landshut, and so the jurors of the state competition "unser dorf hat zukunft" ("our village has a future") are impressed it’s not hard to sing along enthusiastically even without the lyrics. On this friday morning, the team around horticultural association chairman harald hummer had two hours to show the experts from various fields the plus points of their village.

Radiant guests

While singing together in front of the church, half the time has passed – and the latterbochers have already made their guests shine. "This place is bursting with energy, especially bioenergy", in his opening remarks, district administrator johann kalb told the commission members that the town is a beacon of light that shines far beyond the district of bamberg. Zapfendorf’s mayor volker dittrich praises the "immense personal contribution of the citizens" out.

The people of oberleiterbach already scored their first plus points when the bus drove into the village: "upper franconia’s golden village it says, the awards are clearly visible on a poster wall. And so the bar is set very high for the jurors who select the most promising villages in bavaria. You will learn about the 2.5-kilometer-long local heating network that the citizens of burgenland have created as an energy cooperative, about a recently installed electricity filling station, walk past ornamental gardens and farmer’s gardens as well as wild (orchard) meadows into the historic heart with its lovingly maintained half-timbered houses and the church of st. Laurence, which was renovated last year with a great deal of commitment from the burgenland.

Digital competitiveness – germany loses ground

digital competitiveness - germany loses ground

Germany loses ground in digital competitiveness, according to a new study. The federal republic of germany fell in a prestigious ranking to the 18th place. Place among 63 countries.

In 2016, it still ranked 15th, as reported by the IMD private business school in lausanne, switzerland. The oeconomists examine how much countries rely on digital technologies. According to the university, this could be an important indicator of how well countries come through the corona pandemic. The top places were taken by the USA, singapore and denmark, which swapped places with sweden.

"Germany has excellent research and good talent, but it’s not really getting off the ground in terms of digital competitiveness," IMD chief economist christos cabolis told the german press agency. "There is a lack of technological infrastructure and investment in telecommunications, for example. But too many germans do not know enough about the digital space as well. So far, the educational takeaways haven’t been enough."

Rough family congratulates on the “iron”

Rough family congratulates on the 'iron'

In mental and physical freshness, the couple anna-maria, called marianne, and eugen wohlfahrt were able to celebrate the 65th anniversary of their marriage in gemeinfeld. Celebrating the anniversary of his wedding. Among the many congratulators were district administrator wilhelm schneider and the mayor of burgpreppach, hermann niediek. Deeply rooted in the christian faith, the couple celebrated their iron wedding anniversary with a thanksgiving service in the church of gemeinfeld, where they were married on 9. November 1953 in front of the wedding altar.

In a house with her daughter

For the time quite far, namely to robdach near scheblitz, eugen wohlfahrt made his way by bicycle to his bride, but both have never regretted the step for a common life. The jubilee couple gave birth to six children, four boys and two girls. In the meantime, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren have joined the family. Although they live in a house with their daughter silke and are very grateful for her support, the jubilarians are still largely able to look after themselves.

In the early days of their marriage, they still ran a small farm together, but soon they were no longer able to feed the family with it. So eugen wohlfahrt went to work for a construction company in aidhausen, his wife marianne looked after the stable, animals, garden and whatever else was needed. And then there were the six children, whom she accompanied into life with a lot of affection.

Colorful oasis for senses

Colorful oasis for senses

A bit of adventure and recreation, new impressions and relaxation at the same time: this is what the perfect vacation looks like – a vacation that you can experience every day in a natural garden. The restrictions in the corona period in particular provide an opportunity to turn the garden into a near-natural garden.

"The natural garden is less work", says katinka uebel. The forchheim native is a trained gardener and not only provides on-site advice on garden design, but was also a source of advice for interested parties at her garden regulars’ table outside corona.

In a natural garden, there is no need to mow every week, no need to fertilize and no need to scarify. If the plants are planted in the right location, there is no need to chase after the work. One can observe, learn new things and collect impressions. "It is a very lively garden with a plethora of plants and animals to discover and observe", explains uebel.

Schutzen has its sights set on the 100th anniversary

Schutzen has its sights set on the 100th anniversary

Celebrations will be held from 7. Until 10. June, but already on saturday, 4. May there will be a commersabend.At the commemorative evening, the "schutzen" look back on their 100-year history. During this time, the association has developed steadily. The push sports offer could be under the leadership of today's 1. Honorary shooting master erhard happ, after the air rifle the air pistol was added. Both air guns are fired at the distance of ten meters. Two teams have been shooting with air pistols so far.
The top-ranked team in the lower franconia league had to be withdrawn from competition at the end of the season due to staffing problems. At the suggestion of the then gauschutzenmeister berthold hehn the bow department was founded. Two adult and one school team participate in the recently started season. Especially due to the commitment of the bow trainer marko friedrich, elisa tartler won the german championship a few weeks ago.
In the mid-1980s, the then youth leader frank neder started a targeted youth development program, which was continued by michael meindl and steffen sitzmann. Through intensive training, the schutzen have won numerous bavarian championship titles. Some talents had to start for other clubs, because the disciplines they shoot cannot be offered by the club.

Friendship round for the elderly
Here the brothers tobias and ralf hehn are especially active. Thanks to the establishment of the old-age friendship round in the rhon-saale region about ten years ago and the possibility to push on a laid-up basis, a good the opportunity has been created to bring back to the pushing stand older shooters who had already stopped active pushing sport.
"The inventor of the support slide deserves special reward. This has not only brought the older guardians back to the pushing stand, but our pensioners are also always ready for all kinds of work on the guardian house", according to sport director walter jopp. The thulbaer auflageschutzen dietmar bohlender, karl-heinz dunkel, anton friedrich, walter gluck, albert klubertanz, kurt kolb and gottfried mehling have dominated the auflage group in the age group for years.
When special competitions are coming up, anton friedrich and kurt kolb train three to four times a week. They are the most training hard-working archers of the club. He was honored in 2011 for 50 years of active pushing. Kurt kolb is with 76 years the oldest active guard of the association.
But also the oldest members of the club come again and again to the guardhouse for the king's thrust or for the century shot. Josef veth, with 84 years the oldest member of the club, took part last week in the competition for the 1000 euro of the century shot. The honorary members have also sponsored the ten guardian discs that have been created in the "jubilee disc" discipline are shot out.

Charging station for two electric cars inaugurated in sulzfeld

Charging station for two electric cars inaugurated in sulzfeld

At the segnitzer strabe in sulzfeld am main, two electric cars can now be charged simultaneously with regional eco-electricity. Mayor gerhard schenkel symbolically commissioned a new charging station together with jurgen lang, municipal customer advisor at n-ergie aktiengesellschaft. This has two type 2 sockets with a capacity of 22 kilowatts each, according to a press release. Two adjacent parking lots are exclusively for electric cars, which are charged here. "The new electric charging station in our town is another important milestone in the development of sulzfeld am main and now makes it possible for both residents and guests to charge their electric cars here", mayor schenkel said according to the press release. "Electric mobility helps reduce CO2 emissions and plays an important role in our sustainability strategy", according to jurgen lang. The saule will be integrated into the ladeverbund+, a cooperation of currently 60 city and municipal utilities.